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Russian Hackers Attack USA

Constantly on the Internet, Cyber-Attack happen, looking to destabilize certain systems with a specific purpose and in a particular way, USA is a nation suffering constant attacks from hackers looking to get from her valuable information while, others may have different intentions.


This time, the North American nation has suffered an attack from a hacker team belonging to the so called group New World Hackers, which distribute themselves all across Russia and China, and now launched a massive attack on the Internet Service Provider Dyn.


It was via Twitter, that that members of this organization informed the planning of a computer network of zombie computers to carry out simultaneously the incredibly high number of 1,2 data terabits per second to the servers owned by the Dyn company, which is herself responsible of providing internet service to other companies as Spotify, Twitter and media like Infobae, CNN and The New York Times.


According to declarations given by Prophet and Zain, members of this potential group of hackers, the message behind the attack was not about getting the attention of the federal authorities, but rather demonstrate their power. In this attack had the participation of over 10 hackers.


Josh Earnest, a White House spokesman, had confirmed the monitoring from the National Security Department which are investigating in detail this Malicious Cyber Attack.


However, Security expertise investigators questioned this attack’s authorship since the WikiLeaks followers claimed themselves as the attackers, while Anonymous said their involvement in this happening, as a response based on the decision of eliminating Julian Assange made by the Ecuadorian government, Julian Assange being known as the creator of WikiLeaks, the Internet Access.

According to statements by Dyn officials, they do not know who may have been responsible or behind this attack, likewise, they do not have information about possible government support behind the organization and planning to this attack, given until now they have yet to receive any message where some group or organization had taken credit of the attack, anyway they are now working with the FBI.


It would not be the first time the @NewWorldHacking collective is credited with some cyber-attack, in the past they credited themselves for the attack on ESPNFantasySports website past September and to the BBC on December 31th. They have also credited themselves for attacks against the Islamic state.


According to a conversation by AP to Prophet and Zain, these last ones revealed the fact that around 30 individuals had been granted access to the @NewWorldHacking Twitter account, 20 of which are in Russia and another 10 in China. Both members stated that this actions they intend to do good deeds.


In addition to that, there was also another member of this group of cybernetic pirates, identified as Ownz, who held talks with the AP stating being 19 years old and residing on London, and with this attack made to Dyn the hacker group seeks to expose Online Security Vulnerabilities.


When this group carried out the attack on the ESPN website, Ownz was questioned about if any ransom were to be made to his target, which he answered with the fact that they would make a very compromising ransom, and that he advised everyone to secure and improve their websites, and to use a better server, because otherwise they’ll suffer new attacks.


Coincidentally, this cyber-attack against Dyn, which is the biggest of all in the last 10 years, is made after the government of President Barack Obama made Russia directly responsible for stealing information from the US to cause a stir in the upcoming elections, November 8.


This statement alleges that the Kremlin has extracted valuable information about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, information that is then passed to the WikiLeaks organization for the purpose of giving favoritism to the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who has a political approach and has made several statements that are pleasing to the Russian nation. For this reason, after the latter cyber-attack, the Washington intelligence service of does not remove his gaze on Russia.


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