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TeamViewer 12 Beta

TeamViewer is a dedicated software developing company, oriented towards remote control and online meetings, who had managed to achieve over 1.2 million devices worldwide running their software, and now have just launched the TeamViewer 12 Beta Version, coming up much more robust and accessible.

team viewer 12

According to CEO of TeamViewer, Andreas Koenig, he indicates that this platform “was created with the intention to provide a simple and remote access to all devices via a fully secure connection.” He adds also that TeamViewer 12 shows a lot more of our effort to create a product easy to use and secure, dating back to the beginnings of the company.

The most interesting thing about TeamViewer 12 is the fact that it comes with over 15 improvements included software to give this so-called greater accessibility.


A new version, but in beta mode


This new version is already fully available on the market, but only in its beta version, which seeks to offer through their improvements to be much easier, safer and effective to different IT departments. But this is not the only thing to offer with this innovative program; because with TeamViewer 12 is not just IT departments but also users who are less familiar with this kind of technology will have the ability to locate and troubleshoot remotely on their computers, tablets and smartphones with new features.


New security measures


But that’s not all there is for it, although the popular multiplatform for Mobile devices and its remote control feature that allows us to share and capture our screen with iOS, Windows Phone and Android can highlight in fact one of the most desirable particularities, TeamViewer 12 Beta comes too with some major security and performance upgrades, in which we can highlight the opportunity now given to systems administrators to identify easily and quickly all of the incoming connections for checking in the console log.

The TeamViewer chief of innovation, Kornelius Brunner said that this program is committed to continuously go optimizing your service to provide users achieve the safest, most efficient and simple alternative.



Necessary Adjustments


Also, TeamViewer 12 Beta provides the user the ability to start easily control and set the number of devices they want and also gives the technical staff the means to confirm quickly and easily whether the safety check measures are fully functional in a specific device. Another of the important aspect of TeamViewer 12 Beta is that the speed in which their transfer functions and data has increased in an incredible way, more specifically 200 megabytes per second, which is an increase of up to 20 times, and also substantially improves its video to transfer rate for rendering up to 60 frames per second. This new version of TeamViewer also includes a completely redesigned user interface that allows system administrators to place the software in a lot of devices simply just press a button.

There are already millions of users finding themselves to be active and loyal to use TeamViewer, so much, then some reach the stars quite literally, as is the case with physicist Stephen Hawking who uses TeamViewer to remotely access his telescope. However, the vast majority of users TeamViewer give this software a much more common use, such as remote computer and mobile devices repairing or to access the office computer from home in order to collaborate with peers work in preparing presentations and other projects making telecommuting way much easier.


Availability TeamViewer 12 Beta


Currently this software is now fully available for Mac, Windows and Linux based operating systems as well as mobile devices and Google’s Chrome OS. The features described can vary according to the operating system.

If you wish to get more information or to give it a try and download the software, you must go to the official website through the url

If we want to give it a totally professional use, TeamViewer offers a variety of licenses tailored to meet our specific needs or those of the company, with no matter on its size at all. Should you need more information about licensing, you can visit . Provided that TeamViewer is used in a non-commercial way, it is free.

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