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The Trail: Peter Molyneux’s new offer for Android

Peter Molyneux , recognized and acclaimed videogame designer who became for creating the videogame sub-genre of “god simulations” and games like Populous Theme Park, Black & White, Godus, Dungeon Keeper and of course, the Fable Saga;  but this time comes back to surprise us with his new creation for the mobile device market, as it is The Trail, a game for the Android operating system.

the trail

The Trail is a new game belonging to the simulation genre which can be downloaded free from the Android app store, Google’s Play Store. This fantastic game comes to us through the distributor and developers 22Cans and Kongregate, however, this time we will not play as God within the game as we did in Godus for Android, but rather experience a long, beautiful and fantastic ride into the unknown.

It was expected that Molyneux left us shocked with the presentation card of this as his new game, proving that he is still one of the best game developers in the last thirty years, even nowadays with such quantity of groups that calls into question the Developers capabilities as for breaking the world innovations.

It is without a doubt that mobile device market share has increased and become more important to have on-the-go fun when so many users ignore the most striking and innovative proposals such as portable or desktop consoles.

As for this reason, many videogame developers have set their sights on the possibilities of offering their games onto mobile platforms to continue counting on the loyalty of his followers and complementing while expanding the lore and stories in within the worlds they create.

Curiosity was introduced prior to The Trail, a unique videogame in which each player helped destroy a cube, however, only one of them would be able to discover who was hiding inside. Now is the turn of The Trail to continue to astound his followers of the Android platform, because this game is now available for the iOS operating system.




So, what is The Trail about?

It is expected that each one of Peter Molyneux’s presentations is completely original compared to their previous games or any other. This new title starts in a mountain landscape which can be explored through various paths.

Throughout the videogame we can experience an atmosphere of peace and quiet while we collect various elements that we will use to exchange and trade with other characters who are also real players that appear during the game. We can say that this is the basis of the game, exploring relaxed environment and discover areas that are hidden in the landscape of the title, apparently will not have surprises, dangers, or situations that require a quick response.

As for the aesthetic design of the game we can say that this is perhaps what most stand out from all the features it brings, because it is a vector simplistic aesthetic mixed with 3D pretty quaint and elegant. Similarly, the soundtrack is quite captivating especially if you play with headphones as the background music transports us to that quiet and restful we are exploring. Also, the gameplay elements of this game are designed so we can play The Trail easily single handed.

The game is totally free, but includes in-game purchases in form of micro transactions, however, to taste the experience it is not necessary to invest any amount of money, which is a rare thing to appear in any of Molyneux’s games.


The Trail’s plot


The game takes place in a western environment, which the players must traverse to reach the city of Eden Fallas but in the meantime it is necessary to explore, trade, craft and produce artifacts.

To make your character start walking or running is only necessary to click on it and choose the option we need.

In the top of the screen, specifically on the left, have a heart that will show us our character’s health, if you lose health, you can recover it every time you stop in the different camps you may find along the way.

During the trip it will be necessary to collect multiple objects that allow us to make tools and artifacts that will be of much help, like shoes which allow us to run faster and go further on the road.

In order to store these objects, we use our backpack and our pocket, where we will place smaller objects.

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