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Amazon Rapid: Chat & Books for kids, only 2.99$

It is for no one is a secret that Amazon is undoubtedly a giant in the publishing world and had taken the task of modifying the way in which we access books. It is very likely that you currently own a book bought from one of biggest stores in the world thanks to its immense sales platform that is capable of reaching even the most remote corners of the planet, however, is also a powerful editorial which has modernized how the technology offers the book it to consumers.

However, there has been an important change with the writer’s front, since self-publishing has ceased to be a testimonial action to become the choice for newcomers to venture onto the industry.

So now Amazon wants to apply their knowledge to offer the public a proposal intended motivate and promote reading but focusing on a peculiar audience such as children.

And it is Amazon who is now launching a brand new service and taking big chances with this market that could go up to a million-dollar idea. This new service of Amazon is leans towards the little ones in the House and carries as name Amazon Rapids. The intention of this unique service is to encourage reading in children through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or phablets.

To achieve this objective, it is necessary that the equipment can be used with a messaging application. You can usually use sms but not eliminating the possibility that works with applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


Special Reading fee with Amazon Rapids


As mentioned, this new Amazon service seeks to motivate children and young people to read. The intention is to achieve this objective through some permissions.

The key point of this service is its presentation, which runs through an application where kids then have access to small stories that have been specially designed and adapted for this service which are presented in a peculiar chat format.

Amazon had decided to implement this strategy given nowadays young people and children are extremely familiarized to the large number of messaging applications and social networks they use every day.

Access to this service will be governed by a pay flat fee with a value of only $ 2.99 a month, but before paying you can use the free trial of the service for two weeks. So, in a way of saying it, they are trying to emulate the Kindle Unlimited service idea.


amazon rapids

Amazon Rapids Distribution will be via SMS

In a similar way to how Amazon offers services as sample book chapters, are Amazon Rapids stories shown, except that these will be completed. Although with this new service, Amazon will have a distribution channel focused on mobile and phablets, the quality of the literature will not decrease, thus we can hardly observe difficult abbreviations understand or omission of punctuation as such and proper grammar.

And due to the fact that streaming services dedicated to children are becoming less popular, this does not mean that the kids do not have a market for them. It is likely that changing from an eReader platform to a mobile one is the ideal adjustment for children to inspire them to read more using their mobile devices. The most striking fact about this, it is that Amazon Rapids SMS does not only work but also has the ability to reach more people through applications like Google Allo or WhatsApp.


What Kind of Content will Amazon Rapids offer?


So far the Amazon Rapid catalog is extensive and you may find different kinds of reading, which will certainly be suitable for children. These are:


  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Humor
  • Adventure
  • Science fiction
  • Read and learn
  • Sports


For those wondering where the educational focus of this service is, Amazon Rapids gives the possibility that the kids to hear aloud a word that is difficult to understand, they only need to long press the word. If necessary, the service provides the feature to read the story, allowing the child to continue reading.

So far only users in the United States can enjoy Amazon Rapids, however, there is a possibility that at the time of its expansion only extends to English-speaking countries since its content is by now completely in the English language. Never to discard the possible growth of this project and it being capable of being translated to any language.

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