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How to be a part of the Android app beta group?

In order to start with this idea, it is important to know the reason why there is an Android app beta group. Anyone who manages in a certain way the theories and practice of an app development is able to create one. It does not mean that this person has the same capacities that an enterprise does.

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These capacities an enterprise has that a single developer does not, are regarding staff. A single person might develop a great app, yet it could lack of certain things that just one person would not be able to notice, test and fix by its own.

That is why the app beta testing has become an important and popular practice among users. Besides understanding the idea of this practice, you will be able also to know how to become an app store Android beta apk tester.

Importance of the Android app beta group

When a developer is creating a new app, it needs to test it in different operating systems, with different settings in order to see how it works and most important, how it does not work. So, in order to do this, they need people using this app, and who would be the best taster rather than a user?

That is the whole point of creating and Android app beta group, the user would download the Beta version of the app, use it and see how well it works, under the condition of not making public comments on the Play Store page, nor rating the app before its official release.

Instead of that, they can get contact with the developers of the app and give all the feedback needed.

Is it actually appealing?

That would depend on the user, for some there is an obvious appeal on using an App beta Android before the official release of the actual app. If you are the kind of person who loves being on the top of technology and knowing the last updates of the mobile phone industry, then this practice is specially made for you.

For some, testing an app store Android beta apk is a great opportunity not only for being updated with the latest apps, but also to understand a bit more about the app development world. As said before, the development of apps is a growing market, which attracts a lot of people specially game lovers.

This is such an effective way of finding the possible bugs on the app, that even great enterprises release beta versions of their apps, in order to make the users decide which changes are better to make and which ones should stay.

What do you have to do?

Although some developers just put their App beta Android in the Play Store for you to download it and test it, some others want the user to get to them, so just the few really interested and knowledgeable get to the Beta version.

Google+ presented a way –it is not necessarily the fastest one- to get to the App, download it and test it. What you have to do is go to Google+ and download an app for being a beta tester, and then you need to sign up and make a petition for being a tester.

After you get the acceptance, which might last from immediately to two days, you need to update your Play Store and that would be it. If by any chance you want to quit from being part of the Android app beta group, you just need to go to the Google+ community, get into the beta tester zone and ask for it.

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