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How to get Facebook and Facebook Messenger in one?

Facebook is the most used social network in the world and the official application of this; it is an app that can never miss any Smartphone. To use the chats functions of Facebook we have to install another application called Facebook Messenger, this is really annoying because it takes a lot of memory on our Smartphone. We wish to had Facebook and Facebook Messenger together in just one application.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger All in one

Facebook and Facebook Messenger. All in one.

In the past we use the Facebook application to chat and share are photos and videos in just one application. Now, for some reason the Messenger function is deactivate on the application but it waist the same quantity of memory on our phones and added to this we must install another application to use Facebook chats. In this article you will learn to different ways to chat without Facebook Messenger.


Advantages of have Facebook and Facebook Messenger together

To have Facebook and Facebook Messenger together in just one application can give us the following benefits:

  • Enjoyed of more free memory
  • Share and view different news and send or receive private messages in just one application.


How to use No_FB_Messenger

There is to different ways to use Facebook chats with no Facebook Messenger and this is one.



To be available to chat without Facebook Messenger, first you need the following Requirements:

  • Android 2.3 onwards.
  • If you have the Facebook app installed Messenger must uninstall it first.
  • Having installed the previous official Facebook application to V56:
  • Facebook v55 Android 4.0.3+: Here
  • Facebook v55 Android 5.0+: Here
  • Download the file No_FB_Messenger.apk: Mega or Mediafire
  • Having activated the option Unknown sources: As the installation will be from our sd and not from the Play Store, we must activate the option to install applications from a different source, otherwise not be able to install the application, first for this must go Settings> Security and activate Unknown Sources box:



  1. With a browser to search the No_FB_Messenger.apk application and then install files, then select Done (not open):
  1. Now open the official Facebook application and as will longer be able to check their messages and chat tray without any problem without installing Facebook Messenger.


Important Note: To update the Facebook application must first uninstall NoFB_Messenger, otherwise you can’t upgrade, once uninstalled and then reinstalled updated Facebook NoFB_Messenger.apk.



This simple tool is extremely useful and with it we will avoid headaches annulling the Facebook Messenger, so we can save some RAM internal memory and also battery is light, using a single application of facebook.


Using FBPatcher

The patch is based on Java, so you can apply from Windows, Mac and Linux. The process is not complicated. You must follow these steps (for Windows, although very similar in other systems)

  • Having installed the latest Java runtime on your PC
  • Download FBPatcher and extract it to a folder such as C: \ fbpatcher
  • Download the APK you want to patch Facebook pages as APKMirror
  • APK put Facebook in the same folder and rename it to fb.apk FBPatcher
  • Open fbpatcher.bat to start patching
  • Copy the resulting file fb-patched.apk to your mobile and install


About this method

Although it seems a simple patch, to check out the XDA thread is more than evident the great work of research behind it. FBPatcher eight files modified to achieve that integrated Facebook messages back to life on the official application.


The result is not totally perfect; for example, you can’t make or receive calls because that library is not included in the application Facebook- but considering that it is a residual function that should not even be there, the result is more than acceptable as you can see in the following screenshots.



It is not clear why the messaging function is still included, but locked within the official Facebook application: if it is laziness or is part of some sort of plan B in case Messenger have any problems or Facebook change strategy in their applications.


In any case, considering that one of the major criticisms leveled against the official Facebook application is precisely that the application is very slow and heavy, it is a matter of time that its engineers do a very necessary cleaning of old code.


When that happens, this patch will stop working with successive upgrades. For now, users of XDA report that it works perfectly in the latest Beta, so it does not seem that that day is near, for now.

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