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Samsung: 2017 Is About Regaining Trust & Rebuilding The Brand

Currently there are many rumors and expectations about a new Samsung Galaxy Phone, if you do not know anything about the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge, you don’t know anything about this famous brand and its updates. We do not have certainty about what features and surprises is going to bring this new Samsung Galaxy Phone. In this article you will know some of the information that is known about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge so far.


Release Date

samsung galaxy s8 phone

Samsung galaxy s8 phone.

It is a fact that the Korean company called Samsung used to launch their new devices at Mobile World Congress, this invention is usually carried out between February and March. For this reason we hope that approximately between March and July of the next year (2017), this new Samsung Galaxy Phone is going to be officially available in the market. It is essential to stay informed about the official release date to avoid being a victim of any scam buying fake and shoddy devices. Is recommended always use official stores Samsung.


Technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Mainly, it is believed that one of the most important characteristics of the Galaxy S8 is that you will have a larger battery with longer life,. thanks to new components that give away this device increased efficiency compared with others. In addition the user may notice in this phone from Samsung, higher quality features more advanced graphic processing.


Galaxy S8 will have at Least 6 GB of RAM memory. With regard to internal storage, are expected to improve transfer rates, making adjustments at both software and hardware, support will also still exist to expand the internal memory.


Design Samsung Galaxy S8

design samsung galaxy s8 edge

Design Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

Deepening the screen resolution, we believe that the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will 4k and the reason for this decision may have been the closeness of virtual reality, a technology that will land this year strong and where Samsung has high hopes with his gadget Gear VR, the screen resolution 4k improves the user experience. So this would be the main reason that compensate for the introduction of this ultra high definition.


According to rumors late May, the chamber 4K resolution next Galaxy S8 would have BioBlue technology, that technology will remain a longer time as possible in front of the camera without our eyes ache and screens BioBlue emit only 6 % compared to light emitting AMOLED 32%.


We also hope that this year the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge have an USB port Type-C, a grace period for the cell of that year and that many current smartphones already incorporate S7 while the Galaxy still has a standard micro USB port. The Type-C USB port allows you to load faster data transfers faster and is also reversible as it is equal on both sides.


The Galaxy S7 already has fingerprint scanner, so the Galaxy S8 will surely improve the technology. It is possible that instead of embedding it in the start button, the S8 step forward and eliminate physical button to somehow integrate it within your screen. On the other hand, other rumors suggest that Samsung could go directly from the fingerprint scanner technology to the iris scanner, increasing security at startup.


Finally let’s talk about the camera settings. In recent times you are gaining whole dual chamber configuration, and even the rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro will use two cameras on its back. This configuration improves the speed camera focus dramatically since one of the cameras is dedicated exclusively to these calculations, it also offers better performance in low light and wide variety of settings set by the user.

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