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Xiaomi & Philips Ink Deal To Co-Develop Smart LED Lighting

Xiaomi has been working hard the latest 2 years to grow up selling different products and expanding to a range of smart home automation products and other similar products expanding in equal way the company possibilities. Xiaomi has made a lot of agreements with multinationals companies since the past few years and now is not a Smartphone predictor like it was in the start, now has some many other products like the Yeelight bedside lamp and a smart air-conditioner a result of the association with Midea; a electronic Chinese firm.

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Xiaomi & Philips Ink Deal To Co-Develop Smart LED Lighting.

In this article let’s talk about the new association of Xiaomi with Philips Ink, they have agreed to develop together something called Smart LED products, this is going to be the man result of this fusion of Companies.


For Xiaomi, an agreement with this big Company shows the promise of great technological advances in the future, and a successful process of growth and expansion so much seeking by Xiaomi. But this agreement will greatly benefit both companies due to several reasons that can read below.



What is am Smart Led Lightening 

Xiaomi and Philips Ink deal to co-develop Smart LED Lighting but many users don’t know what they are talking about. When they talk about this they are referring to connect LED Lights and Lamps with Xiaomi products. This agreement can implies an important innovation for Xiaomi’s and Phillips’s products.


Benefits of the Agreement

Xiaomi and Philips Ink agreement is coming to benefit both companies; they announced that Philips Lighting will hold 70% while Xiaomi will own jus 30% of the company for now but this is a good agreement for both of them if you can see it.


Xiaomi is an important company that develops Smartphone, apps and other electronic products and sells these products exclusively by internet. This Chinese company based in Beijing has expanded to some countries of the West. Xiaomi has grown a lot since the first day of the company in April 6 of 2010, but it’s not such important as Philips Ink, talking about trajectory and time on the market.


Philips Lightening has been innovating world technologies with the development of electric light and LED for over 125 years. They have increased energy efficiency and transformed buildings, urban places and customers’ homes working with friendly technology. Philips Ink makes their customers feel save and comfortable with Lightening products, now Xiaomi and Philips Ink deal to co-develop Smart LED Lighting.


Although Philips owns most of the company, Xiaomi is taking over the market for the products that both companies together produce will be sold exclusively by Xiaomi in the Chinese market.


What can we expect?

The Xiaomi and Philips Ink agreement is not restricted to just hardware, according to an interview of Philips ink. Xiaomi and Philips Ink have even agreed to develop together an app that allows the users to have control over the smart lights just installing this app in their Smartphones or Tablets. Apparently the apps will be available for the two biggest operating systems on the market; iOS and Android and you won’t need to purchase a Xiaomi phone to have access to this new software in the future. In other news Xiaomi has already trust in selling Smart home products and has released a full pack of this type of products on the Chinese market


We have a lot of things to expect about Xiaomi and Philips Ink agreement, and we are really excited to know more about their new products and how these technological innovations will change the world starting on China.

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