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Motorola Partners with Indiegogo

This summer was presented the new Moto Z and from the first moment the world could see that this was not simply another high-end phone, this new device  brings a new,  much more ambitious idea, given that developers of this terminal are looking to materializing the idea of a modular smartphone, achieving that which the company LG tried to, but in practice did not turn out to build up to the hope, however, Motorola hints that this innovation can be realized in less than expected as this time is better defined and raised.

This new idea led Motorola to organize a developers’ competition for the Moto Z device. This phone seeks attention through its interchangeable modules to gain ground in a market, where mobile equipment every day becomes more homogeneous now in the midst of a revolution; Samsung failed with his last explosive device, Apple managed to eliminate the headphone jack on their iPhone and Google achieved to dive into the market with Pixel.

To get in tune with the idea, the Moto Mods are accessories that can be attached to the company’s Moto Z. These Moto Mods allow users to modify their phones to turn them into film projectors, speakers or add additional batteries, however, Motorola wants to establish an ecosystem with new developers and ideas worldwide.


An interesting proposal


However, this new modular platform that the world knows as Moto Mods can be successful depending on the diversity and boom it may have. The people in Motorola have taken this into account and has therefore decided to launch this competition supported by the people out on Indiegogo to win the support of the developers’ community and users to contribute ideas for creating the next Moto Mods.

There are two ways to sign up for the competition: sending an idea, or participating in hackathons, which are developing marathons organized by Motorola.

The contest deadline is January 31st for developers to submit their Moto Mods ideas, create a prototype for a hackathon and achieve Indiegogo funding.

New York is the place where the first hackathon will be held this December and San Francisco will open its doors to the second “Moto Mods Hackathon” in January. Those who win the hackathon will be shortlisted and will be given a n Development Kit (MDK) along with a brand new Moto Z.

The ten-member team to make it to the final, will be in Chicago with the unit executive Moto Mods process to show their Mods. After this, Lenovo Capital decide whether contributes up to one million dollars to launch the Mod to market.


Motorolla Indiegogo


Promoting the rise of Moto Mods

So far there are only a few Moto Mods available on the market, some of these are a JBL speaker, a mini projector, a photographic module signed by Hasselblad, caps with different designs, extra batteries, however, there needs to be more.

That’s why this alliance with Motorola, Indiegogo seeks developers seeks for the to contribute with ideas for Moto Mods focused on the areas of health and physical activity, sales and multimedia applications. This competition has also involved Verizon because this Mods will be distributing through its stores to the contest winners.

Motorola explained in his blog that made the decision of going to developers in order to get ideas for creating Mods since they understand, that they alone cannot develop all of the ideas for the Moto Mods. They even understand that true innovation is beyond the doors of the company.

Similar attempts to Moto Mods

In the past Google I try to carry out a similar proposal with Ara, only that his intention was to become the modules App Store and give third party companies the opportunity to develop them. However, the project failed to take off because of certain technical and conceptual modular phone incidentals. Separated modules in Ara’s design made their data transfer and communications slow and raised the cost of the whole thing. Another reason why Ara had failed was due to the company understanding that the product fails to reach a mass launch on the market and technology users only that were those enthusiastic about the idea and were the only ones who saw their benefits.

Motorola seeks to present a phone less complex, this one has a rear module and is not required for the computer to run. Moreover, it is not necessary to have extensive knowledge to choose the modules and thanks to their specific options makes it easier.

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