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Huawei Announces Mate 9 with a giant 5.9-inch screen and a fast Kirin 960 SoC

Recently the Chinese company Huawei, had decided to reveal lots of the details of its new flagship high-end, Mate 9. This will be one of the first smartphones that will be running with 7.0 Android operating system and will be released on two presentations: A Full HD 1080p model and a special edition with a unique design that has been commissioned by the Porsche automobile that has twice the resolution. The sales are scheduled by the end of the year.

The Mate 9 standard version of the model will feature a 15 cm screen and will have a starting price of $ 774, while the Porsche edition will have a curved design with 2K resolution size of 14 centimeters. This phone will have a cost of $ 1,545. The two devices will be powered by the new Kirin 960 just recently designed by Huawei. “This is the fastest Smartphone chip there so far” The company claims. This is a octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM with a capacity to process graphics to 180% more than its predecessor, Mate 8. Other features given for this device are:

Twin lens camera

Not only was Porsche involved in the design duty, they also influenced the Mate 9’s camera. The camera’s design has been developed by the popular photographic firm Leica. The new Huawei device has a dual-lens 12 MP camera which stabilizes the contrast. This one also, is a hybrid camera, having dual zoom (optical and digital), which should allow zooming in without losing image quality. The main camera of this device, has the ability to record at 4K resolution video, while the front one is an 8MP camera, with autofocus technology for getting that selfie always perfect.

More speed on-chip

The popular Chinese firm announced this new device will differ from its competitors as this will allow itself to go on average up to 80% faster than other recognized smartphones after one year of use. However, when compared to the Samsung S7 and Google’s pixel, both come factory set with a personal assistant. This new chipset reaches the users hands with a dual combination, and gives the user the ability to rock up to 2 TB micro SD memory.

Huawei mate 9

Better sound quality

Among the most important features we can highlight in this device, is its hardware and making of it, a notable mention about the audio as it has four integrated microphones. This innovation allows recording environment audio and then eliminate the noise sources for a Better sound quality; thus making it hear a person talking notably more clear.

However, the most dramatic change of this device is, its revamped software which gives the possibility to enter the characteristics and settings of various applications way more quickly without losing yourself in the device, managing to have a much more striking, clean and smooth interface.


super-fast Charging


This new Huawei device highlights itself thanks to its ability supercharging which gives you enough power to the phone making it so just 20 minutes of charging can be able to last up to a whole day. This puts a great difference and puts itself in front of its competitor Samsung who has had a bitter taste with the Galaxy Note 3 and their explosive batteries.

Michael Seits, product manager at the company, told BBC that the system went through a process of development and testing for nine months and had been reviewed by an independent research laboratory. He also stated that the phone stays cool in the hand even when is charging.

Moreover, this huge nightmare that is happening to Samsung drives Huawei to a place where people have more expectations about the brand because, apart from Samsung, Google had problems with the Pixel XL which cannot be acquired in preorder. Huawei takes this opportunity to meet the expectations and market demand, so putting themselves at the road of becoming the best-selling brand by 2020.

Currently, the international smartphone market leader is Samsung, followed by Apple and then Huawei, however, the first two had a decline in sales last year.

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