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Photoshop Fix: Adobe’s new picture editing app

Every day the number of people who feel the love for photography and having mobile applications with different retouching, optimizing and picture manipulation tools without leaving aside their smartphone, becomes notably higher. This number, apparently will continue to grow because developers just recently launched on the app store a number of new applications for Android of great interest to the field of photography.


And these kind of applications simply cannot lack on a smartphone and developers know it, whether they use them to share photos with contacts or edit them before uploading them to the web. Each application has a differential in the services they offer to the user, some, such is the case with the app Prism, allowing the user to access a lot of filters to add a more artistic touch to the pictures, others seek to improve the image from certain technical points such as do Snapsheet or Photoshop.

In the last few hours Adobe introduced a new mobile application, in addition to their range of applications in the store. This latest innovation is an adaptation of the renowned Photoshop for Android: Photoshop Fix, which joins the party alongside Photoshop Express, Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Sketch.


This is a strategy by Adobe which they hope to achieve by segmenting the various program functions in various specialized applications because it is quite complex to make all of them work in unison on a mobile device.


Photoshop Fix arrival to Android


Many users looked forward to its arrival as this was announced since last 2015, with the only difference being the fact that at the time, the app carried the name Project Rigel and its use was exclusively for devices with iOS. Although this is always the case, these popular applications always end up coming to Android devices, as is happening right now with Photoshop Fix.

The main function of Photoshop Fix is editing faces, especially the selfies type of picture. It can display a range of rapid adjustments that can change the tones of the face or even the eye color, hide blemishes, enhance smiles, finally, work the images so that these are more striking.

In addition, it gives the user the ability to add funny cartoons and frames, create drawings on the faces or blur certain areas of each photography to direct the focus to wherever users want to.



Photoshop Fix is for all levels


No matter how novice or expert the user is, Photoshop Fix seeks to be the choice of users when editing faces in selfies, or any photo. This application comes integrated with the Creative Cloud service and provides also the ability to store images in PSDformat so the user can edit them on the PC.


Photoshop Fix Tools


  • Portrait mode

Among its many options, Photoshop Fix provides users the ability to create portraits. This tool is based on creating a blur applied to the area to be distorted in order to create a greater focus on a specific target. Although this tool is still a digital arrangement, the result is quite acceptable, however, this cannot be compared with the results offered by the conventional camera or dual sensor such as in the iPhone 7 Plus Camera.


  • New amendments in the filters.

Earlier this year, each user with an iOS device had the opportunity to enjoy this application’s tools to retouch photos quickly and easily, many of which have already forgotten the application portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus, most of the users with Android operating system terminals now have at their disposal an incredible tool that will allow them to improve their photos automatically, obtaining an almost professional result. However, if the intentions are brushes add strokes, it is necessary to use the Sketch application.

Fix’s pace is quite simple because its interface is quite intuitive and each of its tools offers a variety of options that allow the user to perform any retouch easily and quickly.

Certainly there are some differences between the classical Photoshop app and Photoshop Fix, as is the case that each has a different purpose. The first has the ability to perform simple modifications to the color, brightness or saturation photography according to the values to be added, the second is focused on applying filters that generate a change in the photo with tools approach, liquefied or merger.

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