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The new Android Auto

A few years ago, google released Android Auto to give car drivers a new Android experience that pretends to improve the driving. With this Android Auto, the customers can install it on their dash-boards and have access to navigating with Google Maps on a hands-free voice control function that includes making phone calls and playing music among others.

The main idea of this application is to have just the basic functions of an Android device on your car in order to not get distracted by one or other application of an Android phone.



To be able to use this Android Auto, it was necessary to either buy an aftermarket head unit from Companies like Kenwood or Pioner or purchase one of the car models that offer it, which are over 200 different models.

Despite all the features that this Android Auto has available, it had the difficulty that it was not accessible to the entire public. For that reason Google was in the task of creating an Android Auto functionally for Smartphones.


Android Auto for Smartphones


Because it was very difficult to obtain the first version of this software, Google has been working to give to the user a useful application for Smartphones which contains similar functions to the previous version.

Google has announcement the released of this new Android Auto for Smartphones, with this you’ll be able to bring your music wherever you on Google Play Music and apps like Spotify or Pandora. And of course, you will get all the destinations that you need with Google Maps.

Unfortunately this great app is not available for every Smartphone, but you can get into the official web site of the software and get always the new information leaving your e-mail to know the exactly moment when there is a version for your device.


Why install Android Auto?

With the new Android Auto you can have access to different useful functions on the road, but it makes sure that you do not have any other distractions, making the trip more comfortable.

This software is working excellent for playing music and making phone calls. Also the main and reliable function of this product is Google Map and give you access to useful information like weather conditions. You can have access to all this functions with voice commands and simplified touch controls.

The Android Auto functionally for Smartphones was launch to give access to older cars that are not compatible with the first version of the software with an Android alternative, installing the application on their smartphones. It’s remarkable that buying a Smartphone is for far less expensive that purchase a new car.


How to download Android Auto

To download Android Auto functionally for Smartphones you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Tap on the Play Store icon in order to open the app store.
  • Write the name of the application on the browser and press search.
  • Select the correct app and simply download and install this app.

To install this new Android Auto app, it’s necessary to note that is not available for each Android device yet. It’s available just for the following versions:

  • Lollipop (5.0)
  • Marshmallow (6.0)
  • Nougat (7.0)



Although the intention of this software was to improve the experience of the driver, using the mobile applications, the first version contained too many errors of operation and as the main defect to be an Android app, it was not accessible.

After releasing different beta versions, developers have made great strides in the app, it is expected that soon release a version 2.0 of this software for phones. Android Auto functionally for Smartphones is definitely the best option, both for its performance as for its economic accessibility.

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