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Has Samsung expanded the Galaxy S8 screen to attract Note 7 fans?

With the current technology’s evolution, it is impossible to restrain the information circulating on the Internet, which leads to the spread of all sorts of new rumors about topics or products that are currently on the market or on queue for releasing.

Such is the case of Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S8. This smartphone has not yet appeared officially and is already generating big talk worldwide, especially in recent days after the events led by the well-known Samsung Note 7. Many are the reports that are handled on this new mobile device, but so far the official information available given by the manufacturer does not confirm all the rumors circulating on the network.

However, according to analysts at KB Investment & Securities, the South Korean company is likely to create pressure to launch its next flagship with the intention of recouping the losses caused by the massive replacing of the Galaxy Note 7.

So far have been released various details about the Galaxy S8, especially about the screen which is expected to have a 4K resolution with the intention of optimizing the virtual reality experience, thus increasing its Edge properties. For now, it seems that most of the changes on this computer will be focused in the screen area of the phone.

There is also a rumor about the Galaxy S8 which mentions that these would include a screen of 5.1 inches with the possibility of a variant model with a much greater 5,5 inches of screen size. However, a new report released by the head office located in South Korea states that Samsung has planned to increase the size of the screen for both presentations.

Galaxy s8

A much larger screen

According to the information provided by the South Korean company, they are working hard to remedy the problems caused by the Note 7 giving out the Samsung Galaxy S8 in larger models. The report provided by Samsung details the specific size for the two models that will have this new series of smartphones which are expected to be presented at the Barcelona MWC. According to the data being handled so far, the 5.1-inch model will turn out to be 5.7 inches and the larger model that would have a 5.5-inch screen will go up to 6.2 inches.

So we would expect high-end phones with a much larger size. The intention behind this modification in of the Galaxy S8’s screen is due to Samsung’s desire to attract the consumers who suffered some disappointment after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, showing them an alternative with a much bigger screen than the one in the Note 7. This would mean the presentation of the largest Galaxy S created so far, so too, they have a much greater responsibility than their predecessors as it must obscure the bad experience of both consumers and the company with Note 7 cases.

The experts speak

According to analyst Kim Sang-pyo, launching the Galaxy S8 at the end of the first quarter of 2017 could generate a negative impact on the company’s sales over the next year, even if this has been the traditional launch date for the South Korean company for several years already.

And as it is, a much more premature launch could be the most realistic solution to fix the reputation and economic damages that produced the replacement of Note 7, says the analyst.

However, it is important to note that users will take the early launch of this new smartphone with greater caution, fearing that the accelerated production of the Galaxy S8 leaves some severe consequences on the final product that could as well be fixed during a trial period.

From Samsung perspective, investing resources in developing this new product is more beneficial than investing money in the ideal marketing strategy to bring Note 7 back on the market.

Other rumors indicate that Samsung has taken on the task of supplying curved screens that the Galaxy S8 could use, thus eliminating flat screens altogether with the intention of favoring panels similar to those that have presented in their most current Edge versions.


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