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100 new Pokémon could be arriving soon to Pokémon GO

Even before its launch, millions of people were looking forward to having the Pokémon GO app and at the time of its release the euphoria did not wait for the people to start catching all of the Pokémon, conquer the gyms and be the best trainer. This fantastic game captivated both younger and older public thanks to its augmented reality, which gave players a much more exciting experience.

However today has decreased the number of users that kept connecting to this application since this last one became, one way or another, a somewhat monotonous and repetitive game. This has made Niantic implement a strategy to prevent a further down on these numbers and also recover some of its lost users. Among the innovations that brings Pokémon GO we can describe that they have updated the daily rewards and soon will arrive a new generation of Pokémon.


New Pokémon, new changes

Pokemon Go

Apparently the 151 Pokémon which Pokémon GO started with are not enough for players, which has led to the rumor that there is a chance that they update the game within a short time to add the Second Generation of Pokémon, which would mean that Pokémon GO would have 100 more Pokémon to catch.


So far Niantic has not said whether this rumor is true or false, however, the latest update of Pokémon Go on the Android platform, known as the version 0.45.0, brought a clue by leaving out a piece of code that creates a direct link to the Entry of new Pokémon to the game and the list would go from Pokémon # 152 which is Chikorita to # 251 which is Celebi, according to its Pokedéx entry number, that is to say, all of the Pokémon that appear in the Game Boy version of Pokémon editions Gold and Silver.

The names of the Pokémon that appear in this list will be a little unknown for the generation of younger players. Pokémon like Typhlosion, Umbreon and Feraligatr appear in this list.


What effect would this update have on the game?


Starters, there will be more Pokémon to catch, so this second generation of Pokémon may have an important influence on gyms battles. Given case the developers decide to keep what has been their formula to calculate CP so far, then Tyranitar will be above Dragonite in the Rankings of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.


Despite this, the new code is not a sign that we will be given immediate access to the new Pokémon, in addition, none of the new Pokémon have new sets of movements, which indicates that Niantic must make a later update to be able to add them.

However, this is the first sign that Niantic is working to bring more Pokémon to the game as this new codification supports the rumor which appeared in the middle of this year, saying that possibly the second generation of Pokémon would be added before the end of 2016.


Other Pokémon GO updates


The Niantic developers have included in the game the Transformation movement, which makes us wonder if they will give Ditto another special function or it will be much easier to find. Regardless of what happens, this new update being about to come out will undoubtedly draw the attention from all of Android and iOS users.

In addition, they have also added the likelihood of daily prizes when capturing Pokémon or visiting pokestops and the more frequent these visits are, the better the prize will be.

At the moment of defeating a gym leader, the portion of prestige he loses now is much greater, although the amount of prestige won by the winner decreases. Similarly, once the gym leader is defeated, there is a short period of time for the winner to be the only one who can place a Pokémon in the gym.

These updates were shown by The Silph Road after analyzing Android update 0.45.0 which is already available and iOS version 1.15.0 also available.

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