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Pokémon Go Updates

Niantic continues to update this world-famous application called Pokémon GO, apparently one of the new Pokémon GO updates is the disappearance of the spawns and Sightings. This update of Pokémon Go is designed so that the players do not use the application driving. Since if they move to more than 30 miles per hour they will not be able to see any Pokémon spawn-

Another feature added in these Pokémon Go updates is in Catch Bonus. Pokétrainers will receive a catch bonus by catching several Pokémon, which will help them increase the odds of finding rare Pokémon.

As for Gym Training, the game now allows you to use up to six Pokémon to fight in friendly gyms, plus you can temporarily reduce the CP of the creature you are fighting for your training session. This will provide a more effective way to develop Pokémon.


The new Buddy Pokémon system

Pokémon Go players have been talking about this update for a long time, this is about selecting one of the Pokémon as the coach’s partner, just as Ash has Pikachu, this Pokémon partner will always be with the Pokemon Trainer. In addition this Buddy Pokémon system implies that you can get more candy depending on the distance traveled.

Niantic tries to avoid hacks

Given the amount of hacks that can be done with a jailbroken or rooted device, Niantic has decided that Pokémon Go would not be compatible with phones with jalbreak or root. However, it is important to note that Niantic is not erasing the jailbroken or rooted devices accounts that already own the application. Apparently you can keep the account if you play without hacks even if your device has jailbreak or root.

Nearby Tracking


One of the main changes on Pokémon Go updates is available only to some users according to the release notes. Before the arrive of this update, the players use to identify how closer a Pokémon was by the number of paw prints next to their icon, now Niantic has removed this function. Now, the tracker gives you the Pokémon close location just with one tap. This function shows you were is the closer PokeStop to the Pokémon.

While some users try this crawl function, surely most have a new menu of “Sightings” which does not have any of the functions of the tracker. This function simply shows a list of Pokémon that have been in the immediate area to which the player is.

Battery saving mode

In one of the previous updates, Niantic eliminated the battery saving mode which made difficult for many users to perform Pokémon Go actions, in which they had to walk a lot like hatching eggs. In this new update of Pokémon Go the battery saving mode has reappeared

What else is New?

In these Pokémon Go updates, Niantic has solved some errors that had been generated in the game after its launch. Obtaining higher points according to how the Pokémon is caught is one of the characteristics that the game had in a beginning, but then it just stopped working. Now that problem is solved. In addition they have made some adjustments in the launch of balls-curves, turning them a little more precise.

Another new feature of Pokémon Go is that it now continually warns the user to play without compromising their safety. The first time the user opens the game, he will receive a warning that he should not drive while playing. In addition, every time the game detects that the user is traveling in a car, a popup window will appear asking the player to confirm that he/she is traveling as a co-pilot and not driving.

It has also included the option to change once the name of the character and lastly, the leaders of the three main teams have a new image in this new update of Pokémon Go.

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