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Android Popularity: 9 of 10 Smartphones have Android

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world everyone knows about it and it has a lot of costumers around the world. And it seems like Android is over iOS on quantity of sales. The main attractive of this has always been the low cost of productions with this operating system, for both developers and costumers.

Today one the attractive things about this operating system is located on the Play Store, there are millions of applications and games, including books, music and movies. Android is an attractive bridge for every developer to be known, in the Google Play Store, customers can know a lot of different developers and download

This Google software is proclaimed as the big winner in recent shipments of cell phones, according to a recent market research. In this article we are going to talk about the recent Android Popularity and the reasons for it.

Is not a secret for anyone that Android operating system popularity has increased a lot over the years, but no one knows how this much happen until now. A global, independent research and consulting firm called Strategy Analytics made an informed that reveals the big popularity that Android Operating System has reached. This report shows that Android has the 87.5% of the market and iOS operating system has only the.

Let’s talk about numbers


According to Strategy Analytics report, 9 of 10 smartphones have Android operating system from Google, registered in the last quarter of the year 328.6 million Android devices. This represents 87.5% of worldwide sales and is an increase of 10.3% compared to the previous year. iPhone, the Apple system registered 45.5 million devices, that represents 12.1% of iPhones sales which is equal to a fall of 5.2% compared to the previous year.

Of course, Apple is the only representative competition for Android in the market, compared to others such as Blackberry, Microsoft and Samsung’s Tizen, which have a combined market share of 0.3%.

What the Director of Strategy Analytics says?

android google nexus

The declarations of Woody Oh, director of Strategy Analytics, shows that he believes in the Android success, he pointed out that

“Android’s leadership in the global smartphone market seems untouchable at the moment. Its low-cost services and easy-to-use software remain the main attractions for hardware manufacturers, operators and consumers around the world.”

However, Woody Oh recognized that Android will affront a lot of challenges in the near future referring to the new Google Pixel that is coming up soon; he said that

“There are still several challenges for Google. The Android platform is filling with hundreds of manufacturers, few Android device makers are making a profit and the new Google Pixel range is attacking their own hardware partners that made Android popular in the first place. So we have to be aware that more changes may happen in the near future”.

Other opinions


Android captured 88% of smartphones shipped during the third quarter of 2016, however this does not mean that Android is actually the best operating system or the most powerful. Linda Sui of Strategy Analytics said: “The gain of Android came at the expense of its rival platforms” (Quote). This declaration can be supported by enumerating the following facts:

  • IOS operating system sales has decreased: Linda Sui commented that iOS had a 12% drop due to weak sales in China and Africa.

  • BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows phones are virtually gone in the period from July 1 to end September.

Android is an excellent operating system, but its success in sales is also due to the fact that the other operating system that can be compared in quality is too expensive and is not accessible to general public. The new Google phone, “Google Pixel”, is expected to enter the competition soon.


Of course, Linda Sui has a point; the unique competition for Android is iOS and it has a bad quarter of year. But we can’t be blind to the big difference between numbers of sales for iPhones and Smartphones with Android. It’s impossible to say that 87.5% of Android sales can be seriously compared to 12.1% of iPhones sales. Definitely Android is over iOS on quantity of sales!

Many believe that Android has a lot to give and this will be proven whenever it works on a good quality Smartphone. Many times the wonders of this system are overshadowed by hardware deficiencies. A lot of customers are waiting for the big come back of Nokia devices, now with Android operating system!.

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