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HTC’s Bolt: Spring’s new exclusive offer

In this competitive times, most companies are trying to bring their very best to the table, and specifically in the smartphone industry, with a market so divided between larger companies with a huge fanbase, it has become a lot harder for the rest to highlight their devices. But, as always, there’s the exception to the rule, as is the case with HTC and its new device, the Bolt, a brand new flagship built exclusive for the US carrier Sprint, we go full hands-on with this one.


It’s quite an unpopular market strategy to promote an exclusive device, one may think it’s trickery, but what many people may not know, is the fact that Sprint wasn’t the one choosing the Bolt in a HTC demo room and trying to sign a contract, it was the other way around, the US carrier were the one signing HTC with the task of making a brand new flagship for them to innovate and try to bring both companies higher on the rank among Android users.  And as it tries to bring new features with a beautiful design, also comes with a couple flaws that were criticized when Apple made them, like the missing audio Jack.


Beautifully crafted design


As this phone confirms many of the rumors that surrounding it the last few weeks, it also shows us a very nice looking, and long lasting phone, with an Aluminum casing and a very elegant bevel around, but this design is not only good looking, but also functional, as it was designed to be completely waterproof and stands with the IP57 Certification for it.


This device, although looking a lot like HTC’s last release, the HTC 10, now brings a little bit larger 5,5-inch screen, covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, with a 1440 x 2560 resolution, running on an Adreno 430 Graphics processor.

Htc Bolt

The devil is on the details, and this one has a few


We wish we could say only good news about this new device, but it has its own letdowns, like the absent 3.5 mm Audio Jack, a bold decision to be made by HTC, even so, since the highly negative response Apple got for it a few months ago. The Bolt Tries to compensate this, with HTC’s new technology “BoomSound Adaptive Audio”, promising to calibrate the new earbuds and measuring them to suit the ears of the user, and provide the best sound possible. Maybe this will deliver over time, but as for now, we must wait and see if the public responds as HTC planned. Also, another bold choice HTC made while making the Bolt, was using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 for its CPU; as it offers an octa-core processor (with four 1.5 Ghz Cortez A53, and four 2.0 Ghz Cortex A57), you may ask the reason of it being a “bold” decision, and it is because of the problems this CPU presented in the past year.

As for Daily uses and Fun


The Bolt, apart from being having a good looking design and a nice screen, you will now be able to get beautiful pictures, as it comes with a 16 MP sensor in its back camera and a complementary PDAF laser a f/2.0 aperture and OIS system, plus an 8 MP on the front, thus making it a good choice for capturing those so special moments with your beloved ones, being also a strong reluctant on the 4k recording army.


As for Functionality, this exclusive device is capable of running Android 7.0 Nougat pretty well, with its 3 GB of RAM, not to mention the internal storage of 32 GB, and being able to handle up to 126 GB. A long lasting 3200 mAh battery powers this one, enabled with USB type C “Quick Charge 2.0” technology.



As for Price, this Spring Exclusive it’s available since November 11th with a 599$ tag, or a 25$ per month in a 24 monthly plan; all of this being a great price for this 4G LTE, Taiwanese new Flagship.



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