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Reliance launches an Android Phone for Offices and Homes, the Wi Bridge


We are used to see Android Operating system in mobile devices on a daily basis, but it seems that it won’t be enough, and we are really glad for it; Apparently the Indian Conglomerate, Reliance Industries, just launched a home phone, ideal for the techie, for the office, and being honest, pretty useful to anyone.


A Powerful home fixed phone, with promising specs


So, Reliance is not only just “touching” a new market, because they already do make quality phones. But this time around, they manage to surpass all of the expectations, (if you were really expecting a home phone), with this new device, and it is no less than a 4G LTE capable phone, running on Android 5.1 Lollipop, thus being this one a powerful phone capable of bringing users a lot of functionality.


Debuting in India, this Wi Bridge comes with a 3.5-inch touch TFT screen, making it even capable to broadcast YouTube to a Smart TV (using Miracast service), send SMS text messages. That may sound too fantastic, but it should not be so much, since it can connect up to 8 devices using Wi-Fi. And even if that’s no option, there is also the chance you use its High Speed 4G Data Network connectivity; which can be used as a hotspot

wi bridge

Reliance keeps it private in India, at a reasonable price


Right now the Company lists the device in their mobile phones site, and any user can register for it, but there’s a catch, it’s only launching in India so far. And there is not a lot of official information about the phone’s price details. But, some reports are claiming that it will be available under 299 and the 499 FWP (fixed wireless phones) plans.


With the Smart Life plan 299, it will credit the user with 300 free minutes for use in local, STD and Roaming calls, and 2 GB of Data under their 4G network; with a cost of only RS. 299. Alongside the Smart Life 499 plan, costing (you guessed it) RS. 499, for 300 minutes for local, STD and Roaming calls and up to 4GB of Data in the mentioned network.

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