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The Ender Dragon is soon to arrive in Minecraft PE’s next Update


If you are reading this, the odds of you being a Minecraft enthusiast are very high, and we are glad to say, Minecraft’s Android version, the Pocket Edition, as Mojang called it, is now getting a major update coming very soon. It’s no less than a so called “Ender Update 1.0”, which not only promises lots of new features, bug fixes and gameplay improvements, but also, removes the “beta” label used for so many time, and makes this release, an official one; this was not wonder, since most of the new things launched with this new update, will catch up with the PC version.


Exciting new Features fitting in a Pocket Size


So, what can the players expect from this update? Making a simple statement, The End, not as an ending to the game, but as the dimension into the game, where pocket edition users will now face the epic, the fearsome, (the vastly hard to beat for some of us), The Ender Dragon, making it a challenge so far only experienced in the pc version of the game, having the End even sooner than the console players. But the end does not end there, pun intended, but rather it presents the player with a sort of End Cities, where they can engage with the Shulker mob, loot the Elyta glider, mine purple blocks (called Purpur) for decorating a house, or just farm the chorus plants.


Reach new Heights of creativity

As for some other detail this update for the Pocket Edition brings along, is raising the maximum build height to 256 blocks, allowing the player more vertical space to be as creative as wanted, an important aspect when it comes to creating big structures. This addition in a more technical aspect, will be showing us, that Mojang has never left forgotten their mobile option, not for features, nor optimization; as it may not be that apparent, the raising of the building height is a sign that the memory handling is being worked on and pretty much improved, thus giving the power and versatility of a PC, but also taking input from multiple choices apart from the touchscreen, were you eager to use other ways like a Gamepad or an Xbox controller.




No Need for modding it anymore


Since the End, the Ender dragon, and some of the features included in this new update, are not completely brand new, given they were in the PC edition released them a long while ago, some third party mods were already circulating the web to bringing them to the pocket edition, this was not very accepted by Mojang Developers, since that made the product of their work was being hacked in some way by another foreigner person which as it is known, Microsoft as a mother house is not friendly to, so, they took very serious the matter of making those so fancied adventures to the official spotlight. Some of those mods gave the player items like the Ender Pearls and Ender crafting, while other made them capable of bringing the ender Dragon to the game without the need of going to the End; for users of those mods there will be no penalty whatsoever, but having them installed alongside the official game will just bloat the device with useless functions now that these functions, fixes and more, are revised and made vanilla by Mojang.


Reach the End with your hands


Having already mentioned the most highlighted features so far, it would be rubbish not publish the availability of this new update, and as for Android devices, you can already register for a beta testing of this version just going up to the Google Play Store or clicking here, otherwise, you just have to wait for it to come a few weeks.  And, given the case you own an Apple Tv, and you are planning to get the Minecraft app, you will be happy to know, that this updated version, is going to be the one going up with the launching of the game.

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