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Looks like The little green Robot arrived Instagram

“A Grid of sweet treats and #AndroidAdventures is the biography chosen by the little green robot to carry on his brand new Instagram account, looks like Android is now tasting the glamorous hobby of this social network, and it looks like the followers are coming as an avalanche. And obviously it’s no surprise, for being our little fella’s tiny break from powering over half the mobile devices all over the world.


The whole Brands all over social media thing


So far, marketing has driven many companies to improve their uses of written and visual media to promote their brands, at the beginning it was just the way to make the people know they exist, but as tendencies grow, bigger companies saw the opportunity to become the trend, by getting to the people trough massive ways no one ever tried before, ever since then, we started seeing social media campaigns, giving the consumer the chance to reach out even more, and interact with the company.


This has become a huge tool for companies when they try to thin the communication breach with the users, thus receiving comments, and opinions, make suggestions, and all of this can prove to be a wonderful tool when launching new products or making any sort of giveaway. It can be so useful that even rival brands tend to tease each other and using social media to mock the competition. And it is time now for Android to make a move on the gigantic channel called Instagram, as Google created the profile a couple days ago, and embraced the over 500 million active users there, quite a field for the little green robot to show his selfies and food pics.

The Android Gallery in 6 pictures


The account given to them, was obviously @Android, and at the time publishing this post, it has over 17k followers, and we expect no less from the tech giant, who, whit the classic Android style covered his profile with a colorful six-part collage (2 videos and 4 pictures to be specific), showing a fun anthology with pictures related to his previous versions of the software, as we got to see some nougat, lollipops, marshmallow (getting a little hungry out here), but as well displaying a wide collection of their services and products whit a tablet and some  Android OS- powered smartwatches, all along with the caption “Hello World”. We still don’t know what kind of goof can we expect from that Google’s Development studio to post, but if we know one thing for sure, they get pretty creative with the way they advertise their products. And as always we hope they tease us with Easter eggs about their new devices or new features, but sadly this time around they did not leave any trace of one, said our Easter egg finding expert Nolan Sorrento.


Maybe, in the near future we will get to see the little guy in some kind of situations promoting their proprietary software, or just in funny adventures animated by their team. Anyhow, Google will not waste this media for get to the audiences as always have done, goofy, chill and human like, which is the style they managed to give this little guy, making the user feel comfortable around it, like it was a nice little friend always by your side.


Furthermore, we will be reporting as usual about any sudden moves Google tries to make, or even to decrypt any hidden message. But if you do indeed spot any detail we have missed, feel free to comment below about it.

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