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P9 and P9+ have some tricks!

It’s not a secret to anyone that the phones technology and specs are in constant evolution and improvement, better cameras, faster processors, lots of gigabytes of RAM, so, shouldn’t be surprised to see new feeatures included into the smartphones software or hardware. Today’s smartphones has a huge amount of ‘secret’ options like ‘developer mode’, ‘negative display colors’ or even things like ‘dual screen’ modes, which many of us never use, so, today we’ll show you some of the most interesting ones we’ve found in the Huawei P9 and P9+ that could improve your user experience dramatically (in a good way).

The screen is everything


When you have a phone like a Huawei P9 or P9+, with such a sharp screen and vibrant colors, you surely want to give it some love, so in the options menu you’ll find some features that will help to get most of your smartphone’s screen, like the ‘Color Temperature’ selector, which of course, will allow you to get the white balance and calibration of colors just the right way (according to your preferences). You’ll find it in Settings > Display > Color Temperature.

Now, even though, setting up the screen is an important thing, we can’t forget about the functionality, especially, when we talk about features that can make phone’s usage easier for people with some kinds of disabilities, like ‘Motion Control Draw’ which we can find in Settings > Smart Assistance, a really useful option, because it assists the user to open any app simply by drawing of a letter with a knuckle on screen. In the same section, we can find an option called ‘One handed UI’, that allows the user to manipulate the smartphone with a single hand by decreasing the size of everything that appears on screen, to suit best for a one hand usage or maybe for people with smaller hands.

The safer, the better


The P9 and P9+ also includes a couple of options that might help with keeping the smartphone secure, like ‘Lock Screen Signature’, which can give some hints about the owner in the lock screen, so in the hypothetical case that you lose your phone, you could be able to meet with the person who found it. You can also, manage the access that every app has to any kind of network you’re connected in, so that way, prevent the unwanted usage of data in the background. You can do this via the ‘Advances network management’ located in Settings > Data traffic management > Networked apps.

A powerful smartphone, with lots of functions, AND a customizable UI? Shut up and take my money!

One of the things where smartphone software always fails is in the UI, and we’re not talking about the design itself, but, the integration with handy options that can help the user to have a richer experience, I mean, very few brands do it well (and yeah, I’m talking to you Sony) but in this case, the people of Huawei did their homework with the P9 and P9+ including several options that will help you to have a friendlier UI that fits better to your liking. A great example of this is the ‘Notification Center’ which as its name suggests allows you to enable or disable the notifications of any App you want, you’ll find it here: Settings > Notification panel & status bar > Notification center. Among the other features you’ll find: ‘Quick Launcher in Lock Screen’, that can be activated just by swiping up into the lock screen, the ‘Floating Navigation Dock’ which you can enable here: Settings>Smart assistance>Floating dock and a ‘Universal Search Bar’ that you can activate by swiping down into the home screen.

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