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Get to know the game that brought back the Spanish game development

Raúl Rubio, director of Rime, acknowledged in one of his last appearances which his fans had waited many years, and rightly so says it has long been expected that the new launch from Tequila Works, after leaving some uncertainty with Deadlight.

However, nobody imagined that it was a great leap, causing unprecedented attention in this las
t era of video games, transforming its development into one of the main themes of the Internet. Now, after several years of seeing a little of what was coming, Rime is closer every day.

RiME Tequila Works

The game that hoped to be the best

It is inevitable to admit that the silence caused by Rime generated a little fear, especially on the Internet where information flows like a river, and even there you would not find much about it. His first appearance was in 2013 and then it was necessary to wait a year to glimpse the progress of the project.

Given they had the Sony’s support, no problems were foreseen thanks to an exclusivity agreement where the company retained the IP as consideration for the support to the project, which generated a great state of tranquility.

Not everything could be perfect

Suddenly everything changed, there were no news announcing new advances for Rime, however, many thought it was some unexpected setback. This fear became much greater when in March 2016 Tequila Works announced that it would regain license of the game.

Thus, what until now would be an exclusive game for PS4 and with Sony backing the project, was floating in the air after an unintelligent speech. Tequila Works was the only one to know what was happening with the game and after having seen it only two times, we began to fear the worst.

However, it was not necessary to wait a long time to understand that with or without Sony, Tequila was working with all its forces to obtain the agreements that allowed to keep to Rime alive, reason why after lowering the tide of E3, last month announced that in conjunction with the consultancy Six Foot and Gray Box, Tequila Works would launch Rime in 2017.

RiME Tequila Works

Closer than imagined

Along with a new trailer that shows us how far the project has evolved, Tequila announced that Rime will arrive in May 2017 and is also expected to reach as many players as possible by creating an edition for PS4, Xbox One, PC and the recently launched, Nintendo Switch.

Also, it will have a physical version for PS4 and Xbox One, letting you see that it is more than just another independent game. Now the only thing that touches is to wait to explore in detail everything that this incredible game brings to the community of gamers.

But before we get any further, what is Rime?

The main foundation of Rime is exploration. Taking a child from whom we know no information, you will appear on an island surrounded by mysteries. First, you must find out where you are and, according to what we’ve seen in the last trailer, escape.

As you walk the island you will overcome different rock formations and you will cross buildings that simulate the surrealism of Chirico and discovering strange animals and machines that seem to have come from a Ghibli film directed by Dalí.

RiME Tequila Works

Not only is it exploring, Rime also has platforms and puzzles

Anyone may think that this is a simple platform game, however, Tequila has announced that this would be an erroneous assessment. This is due to the importance of the puzzles that are the other incentive towards the adventure where you will be driven not only to discover new scenarios but you must go from one place to another carrying objects or changing the light flows and playing with the perspective to create a path.

One thing that is guaranteed is that there will not be a combat system, so actions like jumping, holding on to a ledge, taking objects and controlling others will be the main moves. Neither can you leave the voice aside, who adds an elementary action for the solution of many problems that you will find.

What are Rime’s expectations?

Although many are looking forward to Rime’s aspect, now it must overcome its greatest test by placing itself on the shelves of the physical and digital stores so that players from all over the world can acquire it, being able to know once and for all what Tequila Works has prepared.

Elements such as history, the depth of their mechanics or the difficulty of their riddles are linked with another great question that many ask: how big will the island be and what secrets are yet to be discovered? If anything can we be certain of, is that the expectation produced by this game has caused an anxiety to know as soon as possible all that this game offers.

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