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What you did not know about the new Trojan that buys you apps from the Play Store


Security researchers recently discovered a new Trojan virus named Skyfin that attacks the Android system. The function of this new malware is to infiltrate in the local Android Play Store app to then download or buy apps without you noticing.

Up until now, Skyfin has been seen only as a secondary download on phones infected by other Trojans in the Android.DownLoader family. This is a series of Trojans that have been spread through malicious applications, distributed primarily by third-party app stores (similar to the Play Store, but not official stores).

Last month this new Trojan was discovered in the firmware of a low-end Android device. It highlights the fact that this malware can download and use exploits that reach the root of the device, allowing Android.DownLoader and its entire range of Trojans to perform any operation with your computer.

Trojan licensed to download and buy apps in the Play Store

This Trojan is a fairly aggressive intruder because it has the ability to download applications without the user’s authorization, and you can also buy them. According to reliable sources, such as Dr. Web (a Russian security agency), Skyfin is the main Trojan that is usually installed when downloading applications from unofficial stores.

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While Android.DownLoader downloads other apps, Skyifin specializes in entering the Play Store, as this Trojan was designed to commit its misdeeds within Google’s official application store, something that Android.DownLoader cannot do.

With Skyfin on your Android device, this can include reviews, do store searches, buy or download apps, and more.

According to Dr. Web, this trojan downloads the applications and stores them on your local SD card and then install them. Apparently those who run this Trojan generate profits with the amount of installations of other applications.

After Google removed these applications from the Play Store, Skyfin infections transmitted a command to their server to get a new list of apps to install. So far, Google has not talked about it, however, you need to be aware with applications that are installed from external sources to the Play Store.

Can I protect my Android device from Trojans?

Certainly Android has managed to gain the confidence of its followers in security, leaving behind the stories that pointed to it as an operating system full of viruses. That does not mean that you should be careful not to download applications from any source, however, for that there are various antivirus that can help protect your Android device.

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Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

This is a well-known antivirus for PC users that is also found to protect your Android system. It gives you the ability to perform an automatic analysis of the applications installed on your device, as well as review the contents of your memory card and all applications to be downloaded. Avast! Also has SMS and call filters and also the option of GPS tracking and locking. The tracking option includes activating a siren to know where your device is. It also has the options of firewalls and remote options.

Eset Mobile Security

It is one of the best antivirus for PC that have been introduced to Android devices. Eset Mobile Security has a practical and easy-to-use interface, and it has a very wide malware and virus database. Its quality and simplicity at the time of use make this a widely recommended antivirus. You just have to download and then you can start scanning for viruses and malware.

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Malwarebyte Anti-Malware

Among PC users this software has a good reputation due to its effectiveness in finding and eliminating malware. The Android version is very similar and so far, it has more than five million downloads from the Google Play Store. Its main function is to work as an antivirus, but also has the anti-malware and anti-spyware capability, making it an application for device scanning and real-time protection. Otherwise, it is a simple app that knows how to make your computer work optimally without spending all the resources of the system, so it is very useful for old or low-end devices.

AVG Antivirus

It has basic functions to protect in real time your Android devices in case of being attacked by a virus, spyware, malware, phishing, among others. AVG has the ability to analyze applications, media, settings and any kind of files you have on your Android device. You can also cancel processes that only slow down your device. In the same way you can control the data and the battery, block and erase the information in case of loss or find the Android device using Google Maps.

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