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10 tricks you probably didn’t know about android

If you have an android smartphone or tablet, you may think you know it all, or, well, most of it. But, there are a lot of tips and tricks that will make you have fun, or even, make your life easier in a simple way. Here are some of the tips that may result interesting to you:

  1. Select the priority level in the notifications: We know right that Android 7.0 Nougat has arrived with a lot of novelties and improvements in the notifications and other stuff, but now we can add a priority level to the notifications of various apps. Now we’re the ones that decide if an app can show a notification, even if we are watching a full screen video, or playing a game, it can tell us by a sound or some other way, even if we don’t have it activated. The one that allows us that is the System UI Tuner that can adjust which app is more important than other.


  1. Adjust the density of pixels: One of the most remarkable novelties of the Android 7.0 Nougat is the possibility of changing the density of pixels. Not that difficult, I can tell. Change the resolution of the screen, and change from Quad HD to Full HD or just HD, however you want it. You can save a lot of your battery energy and resources, like when we play games. Just go to Settings > Screen. Some smartphones changed their resolution by default when updating to Android 7, in order to save battery.


  1. Keyboard Gestures: Writing by gestures in your keyboard is fun, and not so difficult to do, just slide by the letters of the word we want to type. But this new Google virtual keyboard (or Gboard) has added more options. We can slide through the text as if it was a cursor using space. By sliding in the spacebar we will be sliding as if we were using the keyboard arrows. And if we slide to left from the backspace key, we can delete words and complete phrases.


  1. Quick change to the last used app: Changing between tasks isn’t as difficult as you think. We will us the multitask button to see all the tasks and enter one of them. Though, if we want it to be faster, we only have to tap two times in the multitask button and directly go to the last used app we were using, this way, we can quickly switch between two apps.


  1. Simple Zoom in pictures: We usually make zoom by spreading our fingers in the picture, allowing us to see more clearly the place we want to see, or the person we like more closely. In Android 7.0 Nougat, that won’t be necessary. One of the plenty novelties that this version has is the possibility to zoom with just one finger! The only thing you have to do is make a double tap in the screen and hold. Now, when we slide up, zooms up, and when slide down, zooms down.


  1. Camera’s fast launch: Time ago, some smartphones had a physical button to start the camera and take some photos. Now you won’t need that. Although, having to turn on the screen, read out prints, and launch the camera, can be something that takes us a lot of time. This is a time we can save in the new Android 7.0 Nougat, why? A shortcut, of course. By pressing the power button two times in a row, we will open the camera. Like having a camera button! Isn’t it?


  1. Multi-window with a gesture: Activating the multi-window where we can use two simultaneous apps isn’t simple as the ones before. Nevertheless, we can make it easier from the System UI Tuner. We can activate an option where we can enter in the multi-window with just sliding up. The easiest way to execute many apps simultaneously.


  1. Copying text in multi-window: Since we are talking about multi-window, there’s something more useful, and reminds us a lot to the functions of the windows of every OS. What is it about? It’s about copying a text fragment and paste it from a window to other.


  1. Get into the app info easily: If you want to see the information about an app that is executing, you’ll have to know which is the precise name of that app. Go to Settings > Apps > and get to the app in the section it is. It’s a complex task, but now it has been simplified.


  1. Open two Chrome windows simultaneously: At last, even when we can use the multi-window function, now we know that opening two Chrome windows is very simple. The only thing we have to do is execute the multi-window and when we have two windows in our screen, we tap the options button that is in the chrome bar, and then we pick, send page to the other window. This way we can see two web pages simultaneously in our screen


That’s all for the article, do you know any other trick, did you know the ones I mentioned before? Feel free to comment!

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