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Best android apps

When you have and Android phone, we get insecure or anxious when we have to download apps, Why? Cause there are hundreds thousands, millions of apps in there! It’s really difficult to see which can be the best game, app or social network that you can use, unless you read the ratings.


There are a lot of good apps, and if we talk about the best, there are many, so we’re going to talk about the best apps in their way of use.

  1. Whatsapp Messenger: Talking about social network and messaging apps, whatsapp has been one of the best and more useful in order to talk to someone for work or for fun. There’s an approx. Of 600 million active users of this app and its interface keeps getting better and better.


  1. Microsoft OneDrive: It’s a cloud storage app very peculiar, since besides storing stuff, you can use many of the windows office tools, and edit, open or save files.


  1. AccuWeather: It’s probably the most popular of the meteorology apps, not only for out phones and tablets, but for our pc’s or laptops, as it name says, it gives a very accurate report of the weather.


  1. Google Maps: Doesn’t need an exact presentation, but since some of you don’t know it, I’ll explain it to you: It’s the “gps” that comes with the android smartphone/tablet, when we use it, it doesn’t only shows the map and the streets around, but any store, restaurant, bar, and/or hotel that may be nearby.


  1. Prisma: Android may be improving time after time, but that doesn’t mean that your camera can take advantage of that improvement, so you need an editing app! Prisma is one photo editor that can make your photos like art. Yes, there are many of those that have a lot of filters, but what makes this one so special? The fact that those filters were created following the style of some famous painters and artists, so it actually can make you look like a living masterpiece!


  1. Dolphin Web Browser: Let’s be serious, the android browser isn’t as good as it looks, and as cool and flashy Chrome is, the more ram and space it consumes from your device, So here’s a nice and not so heavy alternative. Dolphin has a really good interface, and a lot of functions for your comfort, also, it supports Adobe Flash Player.


  1. MX Player: If you’re the picky type of person, you might not be satisfied with the media player your smartphone/tablet brings, and you look out for other that adapts to your requirements. If an easy interface and more volume are in that list, MX Player is the one for you. It’s one of the best players, allowing you to play a lot of video formats (even .webm). The most awful thing is that it has ads, but I’m sure you can endure that a bit.


  1. Netflix: In our country, we don’t have an app for tvand see the channels we want to watch, maybe in US there is one I don’t know, but that’s not the case right now. If you have WiFi or good network, Netflix is one of the easiest ways to legally stream shows that you like, from airing to finished. It’s not free, you have to pay a fee, of course, but it’s kinda worth it, and if you don’t want to keep using it, stop paying, as simple as that.


  1. Google Keep: It’s one of the best apps to keep our productivity, and take notes, is easy, and simple. Also you can personalize your notes, share them, make memos, etc… A good and versatile app.


  1. Duolingo: Who hasn’t thought of their phone as a learning tool? I have, and I love languages, a lot. Duolingo is an app where you can learn a new language or many in the funny and simple way.

And that’s all for it, there are many apps that I’d like to mention and review, such as VLC player, Evernote, Nova Launcher Prime, and so on, but it is that time doesn’t help. We hope that the information in this post has been useful and beneficial for you.

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