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Deactivate the G from the Gboard

From a long time ago, the google apps are an important thing to the Android OS, but are so unified that you don’t even know if it’s a google OS you’re using or is it the same android… It has happened to me before, and it is so annoying.

In this article, you will know how to take out the search button in Android’s Gboard. I’m not saying it’s bugged or bad, in fact, it has been useful since a lot of time, and I myself use it and I’m satisfied with the results and prediction. And it’s simpler to text to someone with that, just don’t make mistakes, takes a toll on you.

The thing that may bother others is the new functionality; it’s as annoying as the old launcher. I mean the search button that appears up in the left side of the keyboard.


How to take out or activate the Google button from Gboard in Android

Luckily, this time Mountain’s guys have thought many times before forcing us to have that button in there, in such a way that, we won’t need to appeal to other keyboard app in order to get rid of it. Believe me, I’ve done it so many times I can’t remember, but it was with the languages and dictionaries.

It might be useful for some people, but there are others that barely use it, may be because of time lacking issues, don’t use it more than for checking the mail and calling, and other stuff that busy people do. Also, if you make a mistake in it, it’s a big shame…


Gboard Settings in Android

It’s all about getting into the config that they have hidden from us. Saying it simpler, Open every other app that allows you to write and make the keyboard reveal itself, not that hard, huh?

Then tap the comma and hold it in there until you can see some icons appear, then slide to the settings Icon (It’s like a bolt or a gear, the same icon you’ve seen for settings in your entire life!) A new window will appear, where you will have to tap “Gboard settings”, if I’m not wrong, it’s the second option (Well, you only have two).

Then, go to Search (7th option, if I’m, not wrong) and you will see that there’s an option (2nd option) to activate and deactivate the Google search button. Just change the option and when you open the keyboard again, you will see that there isn’t anymore.

If your problem is the contrary to the one I explained, and want to activate it, the process is the same, but instead of deactivating it, you will be activating it.

If you have a problem with it, it’s better to deactivate it. But if it doesn’t, I recommend you give it a try, it’s very good and makes your life simpler when knowing how to use it.


Well, that was all for it, wasn’t very difficult, but it was short, precise and concise guide. Sometimes those are better than long ones. I’m glad if that helped you and I hope you can fix that, or activate it to give a try to the Gboard.

Do you have a Gboard? Do you use another type of keyboard? Can’t stand it? Comment your answer!

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