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Xiaomi mi 6

Xiaomi is a chinese Brand that wasn’t very famous time ago, but since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix, the latter has improved a level. It’s a brand that have us accustomed to see new things even when the former just came a few months ago they are that kind of business, and that’s a status that will be maintained as long as the Xiaomi Mi6 is as good as the presentation shows.  It was filtered, but now it’s legit, the screen type, processor, memory and camera for these 3 previewed versions.


This year, Xiaomi showed us that innovations can be good and great.

Many people have talked a lot of wonders about the new Xiaomi Mi6, from its design, through its screen, and, of course, its specs. Just a month away to the probably presentation show in Barcelona’s MWC, the filtrations are intensifying and offering more accurate data. The last arrival of china just unraveled the principal characteristics of the mentioned smartphone, but the specs of the other two versions that will appear of the model.

Hence, the Xiaomi Mi6, famous for its characteristics, (called as “Premier”) will include in its data sheet a QHD or 2K screen, with a double side curve, and a dual EDGE concept. Same way, the processor that will give life to the device will be the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 with its GPU Adreno 540. When it comes to the memory stuff, Xiaomi Mi6 Premier will have 6GB of RAM and an internal memory chip of 256GB. Therefore, it is expected for the smartphone to have in its back a double camera, that hasn’t transcended the sensor resolution, at least through this filtration. To finish talking about the data, the model’s case will be made of ceramic, so it will have the similarity with the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

There will be a 2nd version of the Xiaomi Mi Mi6, called Standard, that will repeat specs with a QHD screen, but without curves, hasn’t transcended the size of the latter. Anyways, this model will have the Snapdragon835 processor, though the RAM memory will be reduced to 4GB and he storage system will be 126GB. Therefore, the camera will be the same as in the Premiere version.

At last, but not least, the 3rd version of the Xiaomi Mi6 will be corresponded as the reference “Youth” and will make allusion to the commented version with a MediaTex Helio X30 processor and Power VR 7xT Plus GPU, In this case, there are no details about the screen, but there are about the 4GB RAM memory and the 64GB storage system. Anyway, the double camera will be present in the back of the case.


Prices for the Xiaomi Mi6 versions

As seen in the shared information by Gizchina, the Price for the Xiaomi Mi6 will be from 1.999 Yuans that might be 290 dollars exchanged. The Intermediate model might have a 2.499 Yuans, or 365 dollars to end with the premium model, that might be 2.999 Yuans or 440 dollars.

We’ve never seen a maker do this with a same device, perhaps the reason of making a bet on 3 different processors is because every model will go to a different store, which means a lot for the expansion of the Xiaomi brand internationally speaking.

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