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Edit images with Google Docs, easier on your new update

Every day Google makes its texts editing toolkit even more useful. This time they have optimized the way to edit images using Google Docs through a new update. Thanks to this, it is now possible to modify its size and add details so that the document has a better visual design. However, there is much more to it than better control over the images. Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Certainly editing documents and presentations on mobile devices is one aspect that needs to be optimized. At some point you’ve had a bad time with text editors achieving an acceptable result, although that is not always the case. It is Google’s desire is for its suite of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for Android to become an attractive alternative for users. A great example of that development you are looking for is now found in the recent update Google Docs has just had.

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Editing images, what’s new in Google Docs

All the images you add to a Google document from your smartphone will have a better look. The Android application has several types of editing to optimize the design of your documents. You can resize the image, change its position on the document and rotate it. This will create a composition of photos in Google Docs and adapt them to the text you write.

While holding the image selected to work with it, you will be shown a new tab with the name Image in which the new image editing options will be displayed with Google Docs. Similarly, you can select different types of borders (varying both thickness and color) to add them to the image.


Drag text, header, and footer into Google Docs

Another innovative feature in the recent Google Docs for Android’s update is the ability to add a header and footer. To add them you just have to press the top of the document and you can see a shaded line, it indicates where the heading is and gives you the opportunity to write whatever it is you want. To do this with the footer you only have to go to the bottom of the document and perform the same steps. At the end of the edit, you just have to click on any other side of your Android device’s screen and thus you will fix the text in the document.

Another novelty offered by this update for Google Docs is the option to drag and drop text which is very intuitive. You only have to press twice on the text and this way the selection mode will be activated, at that point you must select the text to be moved. Click on it and you can immediately move it to any other part of the document. You will probably find it a little complex at the beginning, but with practice you can achieve perfection.

Certainly Google wants its document editor to continue evolving according to the needs of its users. It is very early for smartphones to position themselves above the tablets or PCs in the professional field. There is certainly a wide variety of alternatives for using external keyboards and turning your mobile device into a workstation.

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Other elements of the Google Docs update

It is no secret that Google Docs is currently the most widely recognized office automation platform in the cloud. It is free, easy to use and has been optimized over time, becoming an essential tool, especially if you have an Android device. Now the platform in conjunction with the application added support for EPUB and OpenOffice files.


More options in document settings

This update is not only for Google Docs but also covers all office automation services, including the spreadsheet and presentations apps. Now each of them have a new option in their Android phones and tablets version. Among the options we can change the configuration of the document, making its orientation horizontal or vertical, or if we want to add a background color, an option that is very useful when creating presentations. However, it is just one of the features of this new update that covers all of Google’s office applications.

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Google Docs now supports EPUB and OpenOffice

In fact, Google Docs has added support for EPUB and OpenOffice. Note that this is a way of referring to these types of files, and you need to understand this compatibility well. It does not go with the execution and modification of these files but with the update you will be able to export the text files that you have to an .epub or .odf format. These are the formats used by electronic readers, in the case of .epub and used by OpenOffice and FreeOffice in the case of .odfs. This increases the possibilities for you to export files from Google Docs.



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