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New version of Swype Keyboard’s Sliding Keyboard with Number Row

The Swype Keyboard has been updated and with it has brought new elements you can’t simply just ignore. From now you can download in the Google Play Store a trial version that shows the new features of this sliding keyboard. Amongst these new additions is a row of numbers and the option to activate predictive emoji, however, this is only the beginning of what this application has to offer. Read on and find out what this new version of the Swype slider Keyboard brings.

Swype Keyboard is one of the most used keyboards by smart devices users, both mobile phones and tablets, as its ability to learn how we write is quite impressive, but is not the one that performs constant updates. The last update the Swype Keyboard brings on with it a lot of new features and here we will present them one by one and along with them, other options of intuitive keyboards to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


New Swype Slider Keyboard’s Options

The element that marked the success of this keyboard was that instead of walking by pressing key by key, it was only necessary to slide the finger between letters to be able to write. However, when compared to other options such as the Google keyboard or the Swiftkey, this has not made updates constantly. The latest version of the application known as v3.0.1 adds new features to the Swype Keyboard 5:

  • The ability to predict emoji according to the content of the text you write.
  • Option to add a row of numbers at the top of the keyboard.
  • An optimized recognition engine to fit the way you write.
  • There is now the possibility of hiding the secondary options to achieve a much cleaner keyboard.
  • Optimization in slip writing.

These are the most important and new highlights in the update. Chinese character recognition was also added when handwriting mode was used and several new languages were added for the keyboard, including Russian.

For now, it is expected that the emoji prediction has a good acceptance, however, if the developers decided to include this innovation, there must be a reasonable cause. The use of emoji expands like yeast and possibly manages to make the most of this new option when combined with predictive writing. What really is of utmost usefulness is the arrangement of a numeric row, so it is not necessary to change the keyboard and to be able to continue writing without having to take off the fingers of the screen.

As for now the Swype slider Keyboard application is in beta or test version. In case you decide to use it as your default keyboard you can purchase the Pro version for a very economical price. Likewise, there are also other totally free alternatives that are highly valued by users and that may be to your liking.

  Swype Free predictive Android keyboards

In Google Play there are many alternatives to predictive keyboards for Android that may fit your tastes and needs, and what is better, are totally free. Today I will show you two options that like the Swype Keyboard, offer the use of emojis accompanied by a keyboard with intuitive writing and that like this popular keyboard, were updated this week.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

If you’re a fan of the emoji phenomenon, this is your ideal keyboard. Kika Emoji Keyboard has the ability to update your library daily with new icons of different sizes. One of its points in favor is that both the application and its emojis are free. It also has many themes that allow you to customize the keyboard and modify the writing source, in addition to being able to search for GIF’s.

Simply put, it’s the perfect alternative if you want to fully customize your Android device. Also, you will not miss the intuitive keyboard since it includes it with a good operation.


Swiftkey Keyboard

The most prominent feature on the Swiftkey keyboard is its intelligence. It has a high-caliber recognition engine which makes both predictive and sliding writing have high reliability. You will feel that the keyboard knows what you are going to write without having to touch your device a lot.

Likewise, it includes the Swiftkey Cloud option so that your keyboard synchronizes in all your devices and these also learn your way of writing.

In addition to it, Swiftkey’s store, known as “Swiftkey Hub” has more than 100 different themes and since recently, each of them are totally free, they have even added new ones, having baptized them as Vivid, which are themes with Bright colors that will undoubtedly make your phone stand out above any other.

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