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Eight trick to save the battery of your smartphone

The battery has become an obsession. Making it last a day has become a miracle for the most intensive users. Today, however, we bring you eight tricks to save the battery of your smartphone.

What does it take for the battery to last longer? In this article, we will teach you some tricks for it. Some require more configuration than others but in the end, everyone is looking for the same thing: that we use our phone more without compromising the possibilities they offer us.

Eight trick to save the battery of your smartphone

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Screens, high-definition applications, processor power… All these components devour energy, even in high-end devices. It is a common problem to have to charge the phone every 24 hours at the most.

1. Use wallpapers according to the screen technology

If your device has an AMOLED screen you must use a dark colored wallpaper. AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels. The pixels show the black color when they are off, so a black screen background will only illuminate the icons. This means that a small percentage of the screen is what will be actually consuming energy.

2. Be careful with the Widgets

Many widgets, such as weather or news, require a constant connection to the internet or wifi. So you will be transmitting data all the time. This generates a great and unnecessary energy expenditure.

3. The vibration consumes a lot of energy

Unless you really need it, disable the vibration feature of your smartphone. It really consumes much more battery than a normal tone or the quiet mode.

Turn off the Haptic Feedback

Although it is more comfortable, it ends up consuming a considerable amount of battery. You should consider whether it is necessary to have it activated in applications that can send you notifications constantly, such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

4. Use original batteries

Saving some money with batteries that can potentially damage your device at the end is more expensive. It is not a good choice. In addition, the original battery is 100% optimized for your device, as well as its voltage and capacity. In addition, a non-original battery can explode, actually, we appreciate that.

5. Consider to use the power saving modes

Many brands, such as Sony or Samsung, include in some of its devices energy-saving modes. These are very useful at times when we do not need to make extensive use of the phone. If your device does not have this option, you can always activate airplane mode at times when you are not going to use the phone, like when you are reading or sleeping.

6. Be careful with the automatic brightness

It may seem useful, but it’s actually a function that sets in much more light than we need. We suggest you adjust it manually and select a medium brightness. You can modify it when you really need more light.

You can set it to the minimum in interiors, and when you go outside you can change it. Do not use anything from the quick settings in the notification bar.

7. The less connectivity, better

Turn off the GPS, the Bluetooth, the NFC and the WiFi when you do not need them. If you use the smartphone always at home or at work, it is better to have the WiFi active and put it in sleep mode instead of activating and deactivating it every time. Some devices like the new Motorola have apps designed for it. If you do not have these apps natively, you can easily find them on Google Play.

8. Update all of your apps

Keep your apps up to date. There is a reason why developers update their applications every few months. Among other things, is because they improve device performance and battery life. Just as if you rooted your phone, there are many ROMs that improve this, as well as having your device with a version of Android as modern as possible.

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