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Nintendo decides to delay Animal Crossing’s launch for mobile devices

Nintendo has decided to delay until the next fiscal year (which starts the following 1 April and ends on 31 March 2018) the game Animal Crossing in its smartphones version, according to an announcement made by the company in disclosing its financial results.

Last year it was revealed that the game Animal Crossing would come to a smartphones port with the intention of forming part of the company’s strategy as part of the results of its recent association with the mobile giant DeNA. On the other hand, Fire Emblem, which was announced along with Animal Crossing last April, came for the mobile devices platform during this week, specifically the February 2nd, being launched to the video games market with the name Fire Emblem Heroes. This is a free-to-play game where players will be able to make payments in order to have access to new characters in the series.

In the meantime, the Animal Crossing mobile port will have an orientation towards the free-to-start b business model, and as mentioned recently, it is expected that this reaches our hands before March 31st 2018. Up to now, there is no knowledge whatsoever on the possible launch of this series for the Nintendo Switch, as in the previous months the team of developers were quite busy as they are working on a major upgrade to New Leaf in 3DS.

Animal Crossing

Will the Nintendo Switch be a worthy rival for mobile devices?

The new console, which was announced by the well- known Japanese company, has features which could be placed in a position of great importance in the handheld battle, that can allow it to compete against smartphones in the video games market.

Even when they are making inroads into the smartphones video games marketNintendo has decided to retain its tradition of experience innovation to the users making use of the consoles presentation which are intended to extend the market toward a more casual player.

Being officially presented the past January 12th, the Nintendo Switch have inclinations to follow this guideline, since its intention is to propose a consumption trend with a similarity what is today fulfilling the mobile devices market.

Such is, that even when this console has the ability to connect to a TV, the Nintendo Switch has a particular feature which allows it to be used outside the home because the controller includes a display that divides the buttons on its controller, this might sound like a riddle.

This is a peculiarity which, from the outset, it tends to be very appealing to more daring video games lovers since they will have the ability to continue with their game sessions without any interruption.

Animal Crossing

Nintendo and its ambitious goals

It is important to highlight that the main challenge for the Nintendo Switch is to convince the rest of their potential consumers to invest in a hybrid console, since many of them tend to prefer to play different games on their smart phones.

The thing is, that the smart mobile devices are currently aimed toward a constant growth in sales, to such an extent that the website Statista has estimated that this year, at least one third of the world population may have some smart mobile device.

However, Nintendo stepped into a trend totally opposite to this, since they suffered a considerable failure after the launch of its latest home console: The Wii U. Solely in the 2016 managed to sell 3.26 million units worldwide, making this trend in a matter of utmost importance that led the company to develop a new product, according to the opinion of various specialists.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is the console that leads this market because in Europe only  it managed to sell more than 4 million 900 thousand units.

During 2016, the Japanese video game company made its debut on the mobile devices app market with two titles: Super Mario Run and Pokémon GO, these two games in accordance with the figures offered by Statista were downloaded 50 and 32 millions of times in the app stores, respectively.

In spite of this, Nintendo claims that its new console will include a number of classic titles such as Metroid, Zelda or the full range of video games where the main character of the story is the well-known Mario.

By now, the expectation generated by this announcement about the last generation’s console has been a reason enough to cause a strong emotion in the video game industry. However, it is likely that the challenge Nintendo has arisen came to be beyond this, his traditional market.



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