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HTC M9 goes ahead HTC 10: it already supports Android 7, in Europe

Software updates are what most cell phone users wait anxiously. This is not astonishing for anybody, because software updates come along with various benefits: better performance, faster response, battery life optimization, improved menu and general esthetic, plus much more enhanced features.

For Android users, the release date of the last Android version until now (Android 7 Nougat) was almost eternal. But that time has come. Many different cell phone producing companies have launched progressively the Android 7 update to their variety of models, generally starting by the highest range (usually, Nexus devices receive the Android update before any other brand). Although many models already run with this new software, many other models still are waiting for the official release of Android Nougat, or at least by OTA.

Problems for HTC

HTC is one of the most renowned cell phone developing companies in the world. Thanks to its high-quality model releases, it has gained an excellent reputation since many years until now.

However, HTC had some technical problems launching the newest Android update for their high-range models, like M9 or HTC 10 (Samsung and Sony also had these types of technical problems, curiously). The Android 7 update launch date for HTC 10 and M9 was stipulated for starts of this year, until these problems appeared. It was later announced to be released at ends of January to starts of February. Everything seemed good for both models, but the company later stopped all updates on HTC 10 due to new technical problems. It had been the second time the Android 7 update had problems in this specific model.

Android 7 for HTC M9

Nowadays, HTC M9 users can already enjoy the Android Nougat update, either manually or by OTA (Over The Air). But the strange part of all this is that HTC 10 was the first HTC model to receive the software update officially. However, due to the technical problems, M9 started receiving the official update before HTC 10. Also, keep in mind M9 was released one year before HTC 10. In fact, HTC 10 is the Taiwanese company’s most recent model.

Android 7 for HTC 10

Although users can already have the new Android update by manual installation, HTC 10 a considerable number of HTC 10 users in Europe are still awaiting the official release of the newest Android version by OTA (Over The Air), which is the easiest and safest way to realize a software update, by downloading and installing it from the device itself. Anyhow, some HTC 10 users already have the chance to download this update by OTA in Europe.

What comes along with Android 7 Nougat

Since we are speaking of Android Nougat, let’s analyze some of the most outstanding features of this new software update:

  1. Screen savers. A simple, but awesome, new display feature. Nougat users can establish a screen saver, like picture(s), colors, news & weather or more. Thus, you can enjoy a pleasant screen saver of your preference instead of a boring dark screen.
  2. Optimized multi-task function. Switching between two apps is much easier and faster with Android Nougat. With only tapping twice the “recent apps” button, you will be automatically redirected to your most recent app. This function lets you save a lot of time; swapping between apps was never faster.
  3. Divided screen. Yes, just like multiplayer games, Android Nougat users can employ two apps at the same time by divided screen. Even though Samsung users already enjoyed this very useful feature, Nougat extends this feature to all Android devices running with Android 7. By the way, to use divided screen, you’ll have to hold and press the recent apps button for some seconds, and later choose the other app you want to manage at the same moment. You can also resize the screen by simply sliding the divider.
  4. Drag & drop images and text. Just like you read it: with Android Nougat, you can copy and paste text or images to the parallel window by highlighting the object, press and hold until it floats, and drop it in the adjacent window. This feature takes copy and pasting to another level, simplifying the whole process to a very easy-to-do step.
  5. Clear all” button. The “clear all” button located in the recent apps window is now relocated to the top of the window. Although this feature might seem weird or impractical, it prevents accidental recent apps erasing. It isn’t so impractical after all.
  6. New animation when installing APK’s. Even though this is not a major change, this new animation that appears while installing APK’s is much fancier than before, and is visually pleasant.
  7. Bundled notifications. Although this is not a relevant change either, Nougat bundles one app’s notifications into a single alert. To access all the other notifications, just slide down the notification and you will be able to see all the other alerts.
  8. Reply by notifications. This feature isn’t new for us either, but it’s still useful. Thanks to this function, you won’t have to exit the app you are in to answer a message (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger…).
  9. Notification importance. This Android update gives you the ability to set the importance for any app. Thus, notifications for important apps will be more relevant than the other ones. Depending on the setting you personalize, notifications will appear on the lock screen or interrupt other apps.
  10. Data saving feature. Android 7 lets users control the data use of each app; so you can determine which apps use data in the background specifically.
  11. Optimized quick settings bar. The quick settings bar was designed for users to access any setting immediately, by only swiping down from the top of the screen. Now, Nougat lets you choose 5 favorite quick settings so you can access them immediately, quicker than quick.

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