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The Advantages of using reading apps on your smartphone

Although many may believe it or not, mobile devices can help us to immerse ourselves in the casual reading. Certainly after so long it is very obvious that the digital book will have a harder time than you imagined to overcome by a great distance the common and classic paperback book. The reason for this is not because the reader does not appreciate the advantages that the eReaders and tablets offer in terms of comfort and capacity, but because in real life there is an element of greater affection and nostalgia for the traditional object which the cold machine still is not able to offer.

However, it cannot be denied that there are a number of advantages to read in a device which can be completely away from the paper, the smartphone. There is no doubt that this is an instrument much less attractive to read that an eReader or a tablet, however, has the ability to offer us a great time to introducing us to the casual reading, in the very same way as we do with the smartphones games.

Read at any time and in any place

Since smart phones are devices that we carry with us at all times, it is very easy to pick up any reading at the time that we have available, leaving aside the need to bring the book or a digital reading device with us.

In this way, there are apps such as Aldiko or Kobo, placed among the most popular, that allow you to read ebooks in the known ePub and PDF formats, and also the books are encrypted with DRM from Adobe. In the same way, allow us access to free books and public libraries, in addition to offering its own books for sale catalog. Some other applications such as 24 Symbols or Amazon’s Kindle , are more inclined to offer a service of reading in streaming where you can market the catalog and may be sales or by subscription.

For its part, Wattpad is completely different, as it provides its users with a social platform of writers who want to be read, because behind it is a large community of people fond of reading that will guide them through their reviews. It also includes a text editor in case you feel encouraged to write.


They are adapted to the user’s taste

Certainly for a lot of people can be quite uncomfortable to read on a mobile device due to the format and size of the letter, however, all the reading-oriented smartphone apps have the ability to modify the size of the font, including the background color and the font color according to the reader’s tastes and needs, achieving with this the creation of a customized setting to allow us to have a much more comfortable reading.

The apps are a reading library in our pocket!

Today it is extremely easy to store in a cellphone a large amount of digital books to which we will be able to access simply and quickly whenever we want to. Another advantage is that they occupy a very small storage space (between 1 and 5Mb, all varies according to the format of the ebook and the illustrations that may contain), being much smaller than a high resolution photography or video. Even if we need to load a content that is not in a digital format, we can scan the typed text and convert it into digital text with an app such as Text Fairy, which is an optical character recognition app that gives the user the possibility of taking pictures from the pages of a book that he is reading, to read it then on the phone without the need to carry the whole paper book.


They are driving the global development

The scarce presence of books in many disadvantaged countries can mean an obstacle to literacy. However, in these localities, the use of mobile phones has become more frequent. Unesco and other programs such as the WorldReader encourage reading through the cellphone or any smart device to promote the culture in areas where it would be difficult to make use of the most common means. WorldReader has an app where they offer free of charge large amount of free titles in a wide range of areas and tastes.

Stimulates the quick reading

It is certainly difficult to ingest all the amount of digital text that we receive daily, fortunately there are applications such as Spritz which encourage us to have a good reading speed, since, according to its creators, the 80% of the time of reading we had moving our eyes from word to word, while the remaining 20% to process the information. Hence its method which consists in that the words are the ones who are moved and not the eyes, so it only remains to adjust the speed at which the words move and then begin to assimilate what is being read. The strong suit of Spritz is, it capabilities to be complemented with the most popular reading apps and also has a smartwatch app.



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