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The Samsung Galaxy M7 will be presented in the 2017 MWC

The MWC (Mobile World Congress) is known as the mobile industry’s largest meeting in the whole world. Thousands of people visit this annual exhibition, where hundreds of phone models are presented to the public. This ceremony, which is held by GSMA (GSM Association), is celebrated in Barcelona, Spain, and this year it will be celebrated four days straight: from February 27th to March 2nd.

What to expect from Samsung in this year’s MWC

Samsung is one of the companies we most expect of every year in the MWC, due to its good reputation. The South Korean company passed through a very bad moment last year when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came with serious manufacturing defects. In fact, it turned into a worldwide scandal, making Samsung the center of thousands and thousands of critics. All these events resulted in a considerable decrease in the company’s sells, letting Apple – Samsung’s principal rival – go ahead in its sells.

Anyhow, Samsung is rising again, with the firm determination to regain the public’s confidence. In order to achieve this goal, the company must offer products with the quality that distinguishes them.

For example, in this year’s MWC, rumors indicate that it’s time for the release of the world’s first flexible smartphone. This product could easily revolution the market. Besides, the release of the high-range Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is very likely to triumph. It seems like Samsung S8 won’t be released, but we will all anxiously wait for the highly rumored presentation video that will give us a first look of the Samsung S8. Although Samsung seems to come with interesting products this year, in this occasion, we will concentrate in one specific mid-range model: the Samsung J7.

All we know about the Samsung J7

Samsung’s goal with this new smartphone is to offer a phone with mid-range specs (although with a high-range design) for those who can’t afford a high-range device. Although it isn’t considered as a high-range cell phone, it definitely will come along with various interesting and useful features. Let’s analyze some of these features and see what this model offers.

Samsung J7 specs (leaked)

The information we have gathered is not 100% reliable, first of all. This data is based on rumors and ‘leaked’ information. What we can predict is that this model is going to be one of Samsung’s best sellers this year.

Let’s start by its screen: the Samsung J7 will count with a 5.5 inch screen, which is practically the average screen size for all the cell phones nowadays. Of course, disposing of a large screen would be useless if it doesn’t have enough resolution. Well, in this case, the resolution is not a major concern, because its 5.5” screen comes along with an HD resolution of 1.280 x 720 pixels, not bad for a mid-range phone.

Now, its Samsung Exynos 7870 processor doesn’t leave us unsatisfied either. With 8 cores (octa-core), it enjoys a better processing unit than many other mid-range phones. Besides, each core runs with a 1.5 GHz frequency. Although many other models these days have better processing units, finding these specs in a mid-range phone is very difficult. If you know the importance of the processing unit in the overall performance in any cell phone, you will correctly conclude that a processing unit like this one can offer a very good development.

Also, it enjoys a 2 GB RAM memory, a memory capacity superior to the average RAM memory capacity in phones alike. Its internal memory has a 16 GB capacity, which is more than necessary. Of course, keep in mind the frequent insufficient storage issues devices running with Android have. Anyhow, 16 GB if internal memory is a considerable amount of storage.

Even its battery is enhanced: a 3.000 mAh battery powers this device. Just like the features we just considered, the battery capacity is also higher than other mid-range phones.

The Samsung J7 includes a very nice camera resolution for excellent photos: 13 MP in the rear camera and 5 MP in the front camera. Photos are part of people’s lives now, and having a cell phone with a high-definition camera is essential to take beautiful pictures.

Its default OS will be Android 7 Nougat, which is Android’s latest version. So, J7 will come with all the enhanced features the latest Android software version offers.

Finally, it may count with some special services like Samsung Pay. Disposing of services like this is important to gain public interest in the product.

Our expectations for Samsung J7

Even though it is considered as a mid-range cell phone, J7 has many features that can easily compare to models considered as high-range cell phones. For example, its camera; it probably isn’t the best of its kind, but it can surely offer excellent pictures. Besides, its processing unit is also something we have to highlight, because it is much better than other mid-range phones’ processing units.

Even though high-range phones are the breathtaking cell phones that everyone dreams with, mid-range phones like the Samsung J7 are what the majority seriously look for. If we gather all these specs and consider its relatively accessible price, it is reasonable to consider this model is going to be a success, especially considering that good price and excellent specs is what most people want.

There is no doubt about it; the Samsung J7 will most likely become a successful model.

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