AndroidPortal was created as a news site devoted to technology issues with topics that involved all the information regarding computers and smartphones. Nevertheless, only two categories of information quickly became little as in a very short period of time, our success and popularity increased, motivating us to cover a variety of a lot more Tech-centric news.

Rapidly and incredibly, the topics covered increased from two categories to covering issues related to the Internet and Social Media, going through Entertainment related topics passing through Games and Anime news and even issues regarding Security. AndroidPortal quickly started offering a broad list of news involving all you need to know about technology.

Is there a new Social Network trending? Are there new games being launched in the following weeks? If it is happening, you’ll know it because you’ll be hearing it from us. We have all the information about the latest devices created and the latest improvements made in technology; you want to be up to date? We have what you need.

We know that it is difficult to be updated with the latest news and advances of technology, as with the blink of an eye, advances are made and you need to be covered with all the information you need. We bring you the topics that are relevant to you, because at AndroidPortal we know exactly what is currently relevant in technology and to you.

We are always working to bring you all the information you need and always consider all the new areas that appeal to you and your interests. In case you would like us to start approaching new or different issues, we are open to suggestions and hearing about your complaints.

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